Seeties Shows Cities From A New Perspective, Skydiving From 10,000 Feet In Malaysia

This is one of the best marketing gimmick Vulcan Post has seen all year. Seeties officially launched in Malaysia last Wednesday (December 3, 2014) and has accompanied the release with an incredible contest. One that lets each of the seven winners skydive from 10,000 feet. Got your attention? It sure got ours! Let’s walk through the details of the jump so you can jump right in (pun intended).

To celebrate the public release of Seeties, they’re giving away 7 free skydives worth RM3,000. The contest started last week, on December 3rd, 2014 and will end on January 3rd, 2015. How do you enter?

Image Credit: Seeties.me
Image Credit: Seeties.me

Seeties Jump

First, you have a register with their website here by using your Facebook account. Then, upload a selfie of your Jumpface and add a JUMP helmet using their app! Now all you have to do is share the picture up on facebook and get your friends and families to vote for your picture. People can vote for the same person once a day till the end of the campaign.

The highest number of votes win, so basically, the more dedicated your friends, family and fans are, the higher the chance of you winning! The top ten chart for each category (bloggers/participants) will be announced starting from December 27th, 2014.

Image Credit: Seeties.me
Image Credit: Seeties.me

How’s The View From Up There?

There are 7 skydiving prizes to be won by 2 local bloggers and 5 participants. When asked how they got the idea of giving away 7 skydiving opportunities, Seeties Communications Manager  Zuzanna said to Vulcan Post, “Because Seeties shows cities from another (local) perspective, we’d like to give everyone (7 lucky contestants) the opportunity to see the city from another perspective in real life, that is, by skydiving from 10,000 feet!”

The magic number 7 was basic maths, according to Zuzanna. 10,000 feet is equivalent to the hight of almost 7 KLCC buildings, hence the 7 free skydiving jumps. The jumps will happen on 17th January and will be tandem jumps with an instructor. Seeties was proud to add that this is the first contest of its kind in Malaysia.

Image Credit: Seeties.me
Image Credit: Seeties.me

Seeties Website

Now that we have the competition described so you can get started on collecting those votes, what exactly is Seeties?

“Seeties is a platform to share best local recommendations,” shared Zuzanna. “We invite locals to spread the love about their cities by posting recommendations which they find valuable.”

Seeties obtain their information from locals by getting in touch with well, local bloggers. These bloggers, who Seeties shortlist through a thorough application process to ensure that they know their cities well, are designated “Seetizen Experts” who will then share content applicable to their site and app specifically for Seeties. There are currently 6 countries covered by Seeties: Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia.

Image: seeties.me
Image Credit: seeties.me

Seeties App

Seeties is accompanied by an app that is currently only available in the Google Play Store with the iOS in the making. The app is pretty user friendly, with functions that run similar to their webpage. It allows users on-the-go to find places nearby which serves great food (locally recommended) and happening events.

Zuzanna shared that they “provide the best local recommendations written by people who live in their cities for years and know them inside out. Other apps (such as Tripadvisor) mostly feature content written by backpackers or travelers, which can provide you with plans for tourists holidays.” Seeties stand out such that it offers authentic recommendations of otherwise little-known place. Zuzanna added, “We might not have a recommendation of KLCC, but we will definitely have a recommendation of the best stalls in Petaling Jaya.”

Image: Seeties App
Image Credit: Seeties App

The information available through the mobile application is specifically catered for mobile users. Zuzanna told Vulcan Post that the content there is mobile-optimized such that every recommendation have an upper character limit of 1000 characters (for English) and 600 (for Chinese) so that it is easy to read on-the-go! Perfect for last minute plannings.

“We are a SoLoMo (social local mobile) so we do tap on local points of interest, available on mobile, with perfect localization, rather than generic reviews like other apps,” she added. This app will be useful not just for tourists, but also for locals who are interested in checking out new eateries nearby or indecisive group dinner gatherings. It’s not just for eateries either, the app and web applications looks for other entertainment venues such as Outdoor & Sport, Culture and Landmarks, Beauty and Fashion as well as Nightlife and other fun places to explore.


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