What do you have hidden in your Facebook timeline? Now you can dig around and find out.

Sim Yan Ting  |  Singapore
Published 2014-12-10 15:00:29

Ever come across a Facebook post once, but were not able to find it again no matter how far you scroll through your Timeline? Facebook knows how frustrating that can be, and this week, they are rolling out the long-awaited Graph Search feature to iOS and desktop users. There is no news yet on when it will be rolled out on Android.

According to Facebook, the Graph Search feature makes it easier to find the posts that have been shared with you, be it a fun video from a friend’s graduation, photos from a colleague’s wedding last summer, or simply a funny animal video a friend posted a week ago. These posts can simply be retrieved by typing in keywords or phrases in Facebook’s search bar, such as “Jessica’s graduation video” or “cute dancing kitten video” and you’ll find the posts you are looking for.

Image Credit: Facebook
Image Credit: Facebook

Privacy settings will remain unchanged, and the keyword search will only bring up posts that have been shared with you and posts that your friends have liked or commented on. Likewise, you will still be in control on what others can search for about you, and changes can be made by toggling your privacy settings.

The feature makes Facebook a strong contender to search giants like Google, now more so than ever. “Facebook has a wealth of information you can’t get anywhere else,” Product Manager Rousseau Kazi told TechCrunch. “Every post is more or less an answer to questions you didn’t know were being asked.”

A Year In Review

fb_press_1440px (1)

Feeling nostalgic yet? You can also check out what most people were sharing and talking about on Facebook this year, on Facebook’s Year In Review page.

It includes events and topics that Facebook users most commonly spoke about, with the World Cup, the Ebola virus outbreak, and elections in Brazil taking the top three spots. Robin Williams’ death and the Ice Bucket challenge came closely after, pushing the Gaza conflict and the Malaysian Airlines incident from the top 5 spot.

Facebook also released the top checked-in places in Singapore, with Universal Studios Singapore taking the top spot. Seems like the touristy spots take the cake.

Top10_Places_SG_EMBARGOED UNTIL 9PM SGT, 12.9.14


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