What songs are your group of friends obsessing over today? Top Tracks In Your Network will reveal just that.

Sim Yan Ting  |  Singapore
Published 2014-12-12 13:00:42

Good music is meant to be shared.

The award-winning digital music service Spotify today rolled out a new “Top Tracks in Your Network” discovery feature that lets you do just that.

Image credit: Spotify
Image Credit: Spotify

Top Tracks in Your Network is a new chart showing the most played songs among the people you follow. The more popular a song is among your friends, the higher it is up the chart. The chart is refreshed daily, and can be found in the Browse section under Top Lists. A drop down list of the people listening to the particular song can be found next to the track details. Similar to the Facebook News Feed, the chart shows you the music that your friends currently care most about.

Image credit: Spotify
Image Credit: Spotify

Previously, you could discover music your friends were playing in three different ways: browsing static playlists and people’s profiles, going through Spotify’s list of every single song your friends are listening to, or scrolling through the Facebook ticker for a list of what your friends are currently playing.

Top Tracks now automatically collates and displays only the best of that content to you.

“If you think about the Facebook partnership, the underlying idea is you want to see what your friends are listening to,” Spotify product manager Miles Lennon told TechCrunch, “What we realised with ‘Follow’ was that the set of friends you want to discover from are far smaller than (your) entire Facebook friend list.”

Image credit: Spotify
Image Credit: Spotify

The Spotify Follow function allows you to selectively Follow people on Spotify instead of being limited by your existing Facebook friends list. Faces of friends who listen to the artists and playlists you listen to are now visibly displayed on the app, and you can quickly tap to follow them. Popular tracks they play will be pulled out in your “Top Tracks in Your Network” playlist.

“CNN tells you what’s happening in the world. Twitter tells you what’s happening in your world. Top Lists tells you what’s trending in the world,” said Lennon, “Top Tracks In Your Network is what’s trending in your world.”

Top Tracks in Your Network begins rolling out today on iOS and Android platforms, and to your desktop in the near future.


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