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Published 2014-06-11 13:30:03

For the fourth episode of Vulcan TV, we had the special opportunity to visit the Facebook office in Singapore. It was so exciting to see where the magic happens for the social media website that nearly everyone is a part of!

Facebook’s office in Singapore officially started operations almost 4 years ago in late 2010. For Vulcan TV, we were honoured to have spoken to Captain Vikram Kumar, Real Estate and Facilities Manager  at Facebook Singapore.

One look at this office and you’ll realise that using Facebook everyday to connect with your friends is hardly enough; you’ll start wishing that you work here.

Here’s the interview and office tour we did with Facebook Singapore:

0:00: Introduction
0:10: Introduction of Captain Vikram, Head of Real Estate, Facilities Management & Security Operations
0:43: Quick look around the office
0:51: Background of the office
1:00: Work setting and design of office environment
2:04: Location of office
2:25: Microkitchen at the office for the employees’ convenience
3:33: Incorporation of art and recycled furniture at the Facebook office
4:11: Priority of the comfort of Facebook employees
5:04: Global collaborations and connectivity within the office
6:01: Role of Facebook Singapore in supporting small businesses
6:40: Diversity in the workplace
7:18: Normal working hours and working attitude of employees
7:51: Concluding remarks

You can also head over to our previous post and look at some exclusive photos of the amazing Facebook office at Singapore.

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