Baking has never been easier. With Drop, anyone (even kiddies) can become an expert baker and spend more time in the kitchen

Priscilla Tan  |  Singapore
Published 2014-06-20 14:30:48

Introducing Drop, a clever device that I personally think will gain a nod of approval from Scottish celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, best known as the star of television series Hell’s Kitchen. Drop is the perfect sidekick every baker wish for. Measurements, substitutions, timing and calculations are always the tricky parts when it comes to baking. With this new kitchen scale, baking has never been easier.

Image credit: Drop
Image credit: Drop

“Drop takes the mess out of baking—including the hassle of doing mental arithmetic when scaling recipes. You bake, it does the math… If you leave the kitchen, Drop will even alert you on your smartphone when it’s time to remove your delicious treat from the oven.” — Drop

Led by a team of 5, Drop has a simple vision, and that’s to promote cooking as a jolly experience that brings people together over delectable food. The company was founded in Dublin, Ireland and is currently based in San Francisco and Dublin.

Like the rest of Drop’s designers and technologists, CEO Ben Harris is also highly passionate about baking. He was born into a food-industry family and his favourite thing to bake is Rhubarb Orange and Ginger Crumble.

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Image credit: Wired
Image credit: Wired

“Just choose one of many tasty interactive recipes Drop offers and it guides you step-by-step, suggests substitutions, and updates your shopping list. Plus, you won’t get your iPad all sticky–when you add an ingredient, Drop automatically takes you to the next step in the recipe on your screen.” — Drop

But, don’t happy too soon as this comes with a price. The helpful kitchen scale will cost US$99. If you’d like to get it cheaper, be sure to pre-order it as you can get it for just US$80. Before you pop around the website for a visit, here’s a little something you should know about Drop: in a nutshell, sorry, Android users.

“Scaling recipes was a challenge even to someone with a science degree.” — Drop CEO Ben Harris

Image credit: Drop
Image credit: Drop

Weight: up to 6kg and down to a fraction of a teaspoon

Material: FDA approved non slip Silicone

Devices: iPad Air / Mini / 3rd & 4th gen (Android coming soon)

Companion App: iPhone 4s / 5 / 5c / 5s, iTouch 5th gen.

Battery: Coin Cell (included)

Expected battery life: Up to 2 years

Dimensions: 135 x 160 x 25 mm / 5.5 x 6.5 x 1 inch

Weight: 300g / 10oz

* specifications subject to change

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