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It’s Halloween season and this means its the time of the year where it is legitimately okay to play dress up and go wild! Instead of going as clichès , (how many Cleopatra’s and zombies can you tolerate in one night?) stay current and draw inspirations from break out dramas, viral videos and advertisements of 2013!

#5:Breaking bad
Dress up as Walter (actor Bryan actually wore a realistic mask of Walter and walked around a comic con recently) or Jesse; it should be easy enough for graduates, sleepless nights, and stress induced lifestyle should have left you with perpetual eye bags and haunted expressions. To make it even more realistic, why not make some ‘meth’ to add credibility to your costumes? Whip up a batch of ‘meth’ in your very own kitchen! Share your treats with your friends.

#4:Evian Babies dance off
This video was adorable beyond belief. Dress up as one of the evian babies!Carry a doll that has the exact same outfit as you and break out into dances with your ‘mini-me’ everytime you come across a reflection. Not only do you get to party, you get to work out in the process which only means it is more than okay to have another pint of beer!

#3: The Government shut down
Besides the increasing cost of university bills, one of the most horrific events to have happened recently is the Government shut down! Countless people and business were affected by this ridiculous move. So if you want to make a political statement this holiday, grab a board and write “Shut down!” If you are in a relationship, this could possibly scare your partner more than the actual shut down itself.

#2: Wrecking ball/Miley
This year has seen Miley been attacked and lauded for various decisions that she has made. Her song ‘wrecking ball’ is one of the songs that immediately got a lot of mixed reactions. There has been many celebrities who have joined the parody video making bandwagon.
lb2d07tHere we have Nicolas Cage doing the wrecking ball

Perhaps the only thing needed for this costume, is your ability to have fun and not be self-conscious. A lot of sticking out of your tongue and the ability to make any object in your vicinity into a make believe ‘wrecking ball’ would come in handy.

#1: What the fox say?

The Oppa Gangnam style of 2013!!! Everyone sings this and there is just something undeniably addictive about this song. Be the fox this Halloween and party on in style.

A quick make up tutorial 🙂 Sometimes I find that if I don’t have everything that is stated in videos, I just use what I have at hand and just follow the main tricks to achieve similar looks.
Find a fox body suit or some brown tee shirt with white patches and pair with skinny jeans and some fox ears. Splatter on some make up on your face and you are set! Now in case, you have none of the above, dress up as the background dancers of the video. Dust off your interview outfits,dig out the school tie that is probably at the bottom of your sock drawer, buy a last minute face mask from costume shops beside bugis plus and violà you have a costume.

Bonus: Katniss
The countdown to the release of Hunger Games:Catching Fire is on! Girls tie your hair into a fierce side plait and wear your tightest jeans and pair it with your favourite boots. Grab a bow and arrow or a hunting knife and you are ready for your role! If you do find someone you like during the party, you can always throw an arrow at them and yell “I choose you!” Or maybe I got that wrong, that was from Pokémon!

The hardest part of this costume is the hairstyle! This video is incredibly amazing because the actual hair stylist for Hunger Games actually co-ordinated with the video makers of this video.
Keep the make up minimal and simple and you are ready to rock the Katniss look.

Happy Halloween folks!

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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