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Need a mover to move your things from one place from another? With technology catching up, surely there are some websites or mobile apps which allow you easy access to movers or drivers.

And indeed there are: Hong Kong based EasyVan has recently launched its peer-to-peer app in Singapore, that connects van drivers with individuals or businesses who need their stuff moved around from one place to another.


How does it work? Once you download the app from the app store, you can place an order for a van driver. Simply enter a pick up location and destination, input any special needs, and the app would match you with the best-rated driver closest to you. The driver will then call you to confirm the order, and if it is an immediate order, the van or lorry will arrive at your doorsteps within minutes.

“We are now expanding to Singapore to help drivers and people in need of goods transportation service. At EasyVan we target to not only improve the quality and efficiency of the goods logistics market, but also ultilize idle capacity and contribute to improving the local transportation system as a whole,” said Gary Hui, Easy Van’s co-founder and director, Singapore.

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It is currently unclear how many vans are there under the Singapore delivery fleet, though it claims to have over 8,000 vans in Hong Kong. It is currently actively recruiting for more van drivers to join their network, through active advertisements on Craigslist, Gumtree, 88db and many other jobs portal.

For drivers, its a win win as EasyVan acts as a new channel for more customers. EasyVan currently also do not charge any commissions to van drivers, which means they receive full payments directly from customers.

EasyVan also reminds us of Uber, which allows you to have on demand private chauffeur.

Disruption of the logistics Industry

The logistics industry is ripe for disruption, and EasyVan is in this space to leverage on that. Traditionally, for you to get a mover, you have to comb through the web for a moving company or a call center. You would then have to call them and see if they have a van available, and then schedule a delivery date. Of course, the van company would have to check with the drivers for their availability before reverting back to you.

This is largely inefficient.

With EasyVan, you are instantly connected with the driver, perfect for those who want to get their items moved around fast.

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Other than EasyVan, another company which is disrupting the logistics industry is Vault Dragon which we covered a while back.

Vault Dragon is an integrated urban storage company that provides affordable, secure and on-demand storage solutions. Also known as the “Dropbox” of physical storage, customers can deposit, manage, index and retrieve their stuff through Vault Dragon’s web and mobile applications. At only S$0.45 per day, customers can start using Vault Dragon. Families which are in the midst of renovations, relocation or significant life events would also use their services. In addition, students living in hostels also use their services during school holidays as do small businesses who require flexible storage terms and micro-storage.

It would definitely make sense it both EasyVan and Vault Dragon work together.

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