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How much effort would you put in to propose to your other half? In the past, Vulcan Post has covered a few news involving proposals that will make your heart melt; such as Mr. Alex Wee who proposed using LINE mascots and Mr. Ramesh the sportsman who literally ran 42km before proposing to his sweetheart at Sundown Marathon Singapore this year. Now we have another amazing story about this guy who specially designed a ring for his girlfriend using a 3D printing software.

Alwin Wong, 28, has been planning this proposal since late last year. He wanted to make it extra special and memorable, and because he wanted his girlfriend to have the best, he decided to design a ring and have it custom-made for her.


Using a 3D software, Alwin started designing the ring during Chinese New Year this year and after several designs, the final design was prepared by 13th of March. While designing the ring, he came up with the idea of inserting their initials on the ring. Throughout his planning and preparation, his girlfriend Sarah Yong, 25 of course had no idea what he had in store for her.

Their initials, ‘A’ for Alwin and ‘S’ for Sarah, on the ring

Alwin sent the final design to Makerzone, a 3D printing company, for the design to be printed and to test the design strength. Most importantly, Alwin wanted to make sure that the tip of the cathedral claws, which are the claws holding the stone, are strong enough to hold the diamond in place. Gan Yu Han, co-founder of Makerzone, said that the ring had to be modified and reprinted three times before reaching the final 3D printed prototype around the mid of March.

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The finalised large-scale 3D prototype was then brought to a jewellery store as a reference for the actual ring to be made. The diamond stones were also selected at the same jewellery store and the ring was finally made after 2 weeks. “Sarah gave me a budget for the ring, but I didn’t tell her the actual price of the ring because it should remain as a mystery,”  Alwin cheekily said when asked about the price of the ring.


As if that wasn’t enough, the ring box for the ring was also custom-made!

Alwin knew that Sarah would like a wooden box to hold the engagement ring, so he contacted a craftsman online. William Coleman, a craftsman who has an online shop on Etsy, used sycamore and brown walnut to make a wooden ring box. To leave no room of doubt that it is a personalised ring box, a heart-shaped wooden piece was added to the front of the box with the letter ‘S’ engraved on it. It took about two and a half weeks for the box to be made and shipped from U.S. to Malaysia.

The ring box and the engagement ring

The whole process from designing the ring till the creation of the ring and box took about 5 months.

3D design–> 3D model –> 3D printed prototype –> actual proposal ring

Alwin proposed to Sarah last Sunday with the help of some friends to aid him with the preparation.

Image Credit: MultreeProduction

And of course, she said yes.

Image Credit: SONNELphotography

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Credits: The featured photo and the last photo in the article was taken by photographer Nelson, from SONNELphotography. The aerial shot (second last photo in this article) was taken by Edward from MultreeProduction.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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