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In any wedding banquet, you always need to reserve one table for extra guests who forgot to RSVP but turned up anyway.

But what if the unexpected guest turns out to be an ENTIRE band? In this case, Maroon 5?

In their latest music video, filmed throughout the course of one day, lead singer (and People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2013) Adam Levine explains, “We’re going to drive across L.A. and hit every wedding we possibly can”.

The band proceeds to crash unsuspecting weddings to perform their single “Sugar”.

In the video, some crew members arrive at the wedding party before the band, and set up a big white sheet around the stage. The guests are all confused, and so are the bride and groom.



But when the curtain drops to reveal the band, the bride goes wild. The groom, not so much.



The same scene repeats across all the weddings that they crash that day.




In the end, everybody has a great time dancing to the music. Even the drunk uncle.



Why this would never work in KL

This video got me thinking, “Would this work in KL”? The answer is probably no, for a few reasons:

1. They didn’t give ang pow

Wedding mahal you know. You don’t just turn up, drink the wine and cabut.

maroon 5 not in kl


2. How to serve the drunken prawn dish when everybody’s dancing around?

Poor waiters have to do avoid you like Neo avoiding bullets in the Matrix.

maroon 5 wedding crash kl


3. No chance for your old classmates to perform their Maroon 5 cover

There is no way they will top this.


4. Wasted the top-up charge for karaoke machine

Ok, maybe this was a blessing.



5. Nobody guarding the ang pow box

Unless you already put it in the hotel room. Clever you.



6. Wedding started so late still want to dance?

Malaysian timing means that the guests arrived at 8:45pm, and the first course came out at 9:15pm. How to tahan?



7. If it was a Malay wedding, no matter what time Maroon 5 arrived, half the guests are not there anyway

Malay wedding style means that people come at all times of the day, ucap tahniah, makan, and leave. Even the bride and groom may not be there the whole time.




8. Jam gila means that Maroon 5 will only able to attend one wedding that day anyway

Even with LRT, at most can attend 2 weddings.


This article was originally from RecomN.com.

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