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Keeping ourselves busy with the millions of apps available on our smartphones has become such a routine, we probably can’t imagine a day go by without swiping our fingers across our screens. And there’s nothing wrong with it — until you crash into someone while boarding the train (then it gets embarrassing).

Still, even with the array of choices that keeps us entertained for hours, there are some apps that we wish we could get here in Singapore. These are not yet available on iTunes SG — which is a shame, especially for news, film and fitness junkies. Here are 5 picks that make us envious of our Western counterparts:

1. Comedy Central

Credits/Comedy Central/Apple

Reviews of this app haven’t been great, but to be able to watch full episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or Broad City would be worth the stares we get when we start laughing on the MRT to ourselves and our screens.

According to iTunes, the app would allow us to watch exclusive behind-the-scenes and extended interviews that the full episode wasn’t able to fit in. While mainstream news channels allow us to keep updated on international affairs, it’s often only through shows like “The Daily Show” that we discover strange situations — like a law in Alabama that allows unborn fetuses to have lawyers.

2. Paper — Stories with Facebook


Want to scroll through your Facebook feed for links to daily scoops without having to read your acquaintances’ rants? Paper filters your Facebook News Feed such that it features only news stories, and nothing else. You can also customize your “Paper” page according to your specific interests and themes, including news that cannot be found on your News Feed. This would definitely make my morning commute a lot more smooth-sailing.

3. Yoga Studio

Credts/Yoga Studio/Apple

Apparently one of the best Yoga apps out there, Yoga Studio is a user-friendly Yoga and Meditation app for the busy bees. It features a simple white and purple layout, and has 65 HD video classes suitable for beginner to advanced learners.

The app also allows you to customise your classes if you are somewhere in between levels, and keep track of your daily routines by syncing the app with your calendar. Its only drawback (apart from not being available in Singapore)? Yoga Studio costs USD3.99.

4. Mint Bills & Money

Mint Bills & Money gives you a comprehensive rundown of your bills, credit cards and money left in the bank, so that you can organize your spending and payment deadlines. It also allows you to pay your bills through the app, and its “Triple Layer Security” ensures that all transactions are carried out safely.

In addition, Mint Bills helps by sorting through the numerous cards and e-statements you get via your multiple e-mail accounts, so you don’t end up in debt unknowingly. This would be perfect for the broke university students among us.

screen568x568 (4)

5. Dice


You can technically download this app in Singapore, but it would serve us no purpose other than to feed our wanderlust even more. Dice enables users to book concert and gig tickets in London without any booking fees. This is possible as Dice have apparently “worked hard building great relationships with top artists, promoters, clubs and venues”.

If you are lucky enough to be heading to the city — a popular destination among Singaporeans — then remember to get this app before you bounce the night away, delirious from the music and the deal you got.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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