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When I was in the US, I rented this small studio apartment. The apartment came with a TV and Netflix. In the few days there I fell in love with Netflix.

If you live in Malaysia and have never heard of Netflix it’s probably because Netflix isn’t officially available in Malaysia yet.

Netflix is a service that allows you to watch a huge selection of TV shows and movies online for only $7-8 bucks a month.


One fun aspect of Netflix though isn’t just that it allows you to watch whatever you want without having to hunt for DVD box sets or stuff like that but is that it allows you to discover new shows to watch too. It learns the stuff you like watching and then recommends new stuff that you might like.

So since I grew to love Netflix while I was in the US, I decided to try subscribe to it when I got back to Malaysia.

It’s a bit more complicated because Netflix is not officially available in Malaysia yet (even though I have many friends who subscribe to it).

How my friends do it

What they do is pay a monthly fee to get a VPN to get a US IP address in order to access the site. That VPN can cost $3-8 a month depending on what service you use (there are some free ones too). Then you subscribe to Netflix using that VPN.

What I found to be the easiest way to do it

While Googling around I happen to find an easier way. All you gotta do is install this Chrome plugin called “Hola Unblocker”. It’ll allow you to access Netflix.com and subscribe to it. You can then plug in your computer to your TV and voila watch whatever you want. So you don’t have to go through trying to use a VPN or paying for one either.

I decided to share this here because believe it or not, it took me quite a bit of Googling to find the easiest way to access Netflix from Malaysia and this is what I found. Hope this helps anyone else looking to try out Netflix.

Good luck!

This article is written by Timothy Tiah on his personal blog, and is republished here with permission.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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