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The world used to be such a smaller place when we were not so dependent on Facebook. Just a simple text message or phone call would suffice. Now with Facebook around, while it is undeniably a useful social media platform for users to keep in contact with their friends, it is also a source of annoyance, a tool for spreading false news and hoaxes, and a way for users to spy on others and spread malicious gossips. So much for being ‘friends’ on Facebook huh.

Image Credit: Finance Fox
Image Credit: Finance Fox

To help users to be better ‘friends’ on Facebook, here is a list (in no particular order) of the top 10 Facebook sins that you should try to avoid!

#1 Thou shalt not share posts without first verifying information

Everyone is too trigger happy with that ‘share’ button. When it sounds too good to be true, like free giveaways by some random Facebook group that was just made a month ago; or too bad to be real, like deadly sharks swimming around a hurricane area which even fooled Sean Kingston.

Currently there is even a website for you to create your own fake news to share on Facebook which people share and then when they click the link do they realise that it was just fabricated. That’s how easy it is to get people to share fake news around!

Image Credit: Ladytalksalot
A shark is photoshopped into a picture (Image Credit: Ladytalksalot)

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#2 Thou shalt not go on a liking spree to invest in ‘likes’ for yourself

Somehow, there is an unwritten rule for some users that when someone ‘likes’ your post, you should return the favor by also ‘liking’ another post or picture of theirs. Don’t ask me why, I really don’t quite get it either. One thing is for sure: don’t let the number of ‘likes’ that you have take control over your Facebook life.

#3 Thou shalt not ask straightforward questions when you can just simply Google it

Image Credit: The Hollywood Gossip
Image Credit: The Hollywood Gossip

Google could be your best friend, all you have to do is ask. There is a plethora of information just waiting for you to explore and ravish in. Instead of asking your clueless friends on Facebook, why don’t just research it online? Just be careful of which website you get your answers from.

#4 Thou shalt not create a fake profile to impersonate someone

Are you so ashamed to be yourself that you have to be someone else? You’re better than that!

#5 Thou shalt not tag ugly pictures of your friends

Do your friends a favor, delete that unflattering picture of them, or show it to them personally and laugh about it together. There’s no need to let the whole world laugh about it too (well unless your friend really doesn’t mind!).

#6 Thou shalt not treat Facebook like a celebrity gossip magazine

Image Credit: Studentbeans
Image Credit: Studentbeans

Some profiles are made private for a reason, and some people limit their number of friends for personal reasons as well. So you really shouldn’t spread everyone’s personal issues and stories on Facebook to everyone else outside of Facebook, especially if you do it maliciously. Let’s keep the stalking and gossiping to a minimum, shall we?

#7 Thou shalt not post confusing 1-word statuses without any explanation to fish for sympathy

Your status: Sad.

Comments: Why? / What’s wrong? / Are you okay?

Your reply: Nothing. / Fine.

Come on. If you’re sad, go out and hang with some friends in real life! Trust me, that’ll make you feel much better than posting a 1-word status and then curling up in bed all alone.

#8 Thou shalt not keep changing your relationship status to troll others

You’re single, then suddenly your engaged, few days later it’s complicated, then soon you’re divorced. That is one crazy drama-filled life you’re living! Time to tone it down a notch.

Image Credit: FollowPics
No need to get all dramatic about it (Image Credit: FollowPics)

#9 Thou shalt not use Facebook as a personal rant space

Occasionally you get mad and you want an outlet to release it, Facebook is the first place you think of. Once in a while it’s alright, who doesn’t get angry? But if you’re doing it on a daily basis, then perhaps your problem is bigger than you think. If you have real life conflicts and real life issues, you should really try to deal with them in real life.

#10 Thou shalt not bare it all on Facebook. Literally.

Nope. Just, nope. Keep all your private parts covered, they’re called private for a reason.

So are you guilty of any of these? I know I am guilty of some, and I think it’s time to be more matured and responsible on Facebook, for a better social media environment for everyone!

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