10 Best Cold-Pressed Juices In Malaysia

What you are about to read will cleanse your body of impurities and boost your immunity system. They are not the ordinary juices you can find off the shelves in supermarkets, they are the 10 Best Cold-Pressed Juices in Malaysia! And the term “Cold-Pressed” makes vital differences.

While convention juicing cuts and grounds fruits by fast-spinning blades, this coarse action destroys many of the vitamins and minerals in our juice. Not only that, the process adds some heat and exposes ingredients to air which cut down the percentage of essential nutrients.

Cold-Pressed juicer is the answer to that viciousness. Through a slow and careful process of hydraulically extracting fruit and vegetable juice, cold press juicers use just enough pressure to extract the juice while preserving its vitamins, enzymes, trace minerals and overall nutrients up to five times more than any other juicer. Because cold press juicing is so precise with its process of extraction, there is minimal air and heat so very little oxidation occurs. This means you can enjoy our cold pressed juice up to 3 days after extraction!

Hands down the highest quality of juice, here are the 10 Best Cold-Pressed Juices in Malaysia you should give it a try! Or have them delivered to your doorstep!

1. LifeJuice Co.

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Want #abetterlife? Go for LifeJuice. Lifejuice makes handcrafted cold pressed juices that are unpasteurized from 100% pure fruits and vegetables. With no added sugar, no preservatives and no artificial colours, LifeJuice has designed a new way of attaining optimal health and well-being. It offer a healthy range of cold-pressed juices such as “Salad in a bottle”, “300 days of summer” and “50 Shades of Grey”, just to name a few. Taste the quality. Feel the difference. Look out for Life Juice Co. located beside Lavendar Bakery & Putien at the Old Wing in 1Utama Shopping Centre.

www.lifejuiceco.com | FB : Lifejuiceco | IG : lifejuiceco

2. La Juiceria

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La Juicera wants to help you be a healthier you through juicing as they believe in the wonderful changes and effects of juicing can bring to your body. While no added preservatives, color or flavor nor pasteurizing have become a minimum requirement, it is the care for your health that counts. With freshness and righteous thoughts combined, La Juiceria bottles goodness into more than 15 varieties of juices. Are you ready to go Raw. Reboot. Renew? Taste the difference now at at 22 Jalan Sri Hartamas 8 (beside My Elephant Thai Restaurant) & Mid-Valley Megamall (Lower Ground Floor beside McDonalds & 3rd Floor beside the Cinema).

 www.lajuiceria.com.my | FB: LaJuiceriaMY | IG: lajuiceria

3. Unicorn Pressed Juice

unicorn juice tallypress

Unicorn Pressed Juice arrived in Kuala Lumpur late 2014. This relatively new comer took its inspiration from the Cold Press culture in San Fransico. They have been warmly received in Kuala Lumpur so far. Unicorn juices are pressed only after they have been ordered to ensure freshness and least oxidation . Their produce consist of premium quality fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

The Rainbow Cleanses are substantial and have gained popularity of late. Their nutrition-dense juices are rich in taste and texture.The unicorns make sure to pump superfoods in every bottle. Some flavours like the Amber Juice has Chia seeds in it, which create an interesting texture compared to your typical juices. The Madagascan Vanilla beans in their Almond Mylk add a distinctive flavour. Every bottle is full of body and flavour – an indulgence that is actually good for you!

They strive to bring nature’s magical goodness in a bottle right to your doorstep! They deliver to KLCC, Bangsar, Mont Kiara and Damansara Heights.

www.unicornpressedjuice.com | FB: Unicornpressedjuice | IG: unicornpressedjuice

4. Petite Goodness

petite goodness tallypress juice

A healthy outside starts from the inside. With Petite Cold Pressed Juices, each recipe are recommended by nutritionist and catered for different functions. What’s more? Petite Goodness offers original Cold Pressed Juices with fresh fruit cubes for your chewing sensation! Yes, that’s right! Indulge your taste bud with a real fruit bites inside every bottle #chewyourjuice

FB: Petitejuicery | IG: petitejuicery

5. The Organic Juicery

organic tallypress juice

As the name suggests, The Organic Juicery is 90-100% organic and they takes pride for that. While the Organic Juicery began as a very personal quest towards raw, organic, juicing and clean eating due to an unknown stomach condition of one of the founders, it was proved that juicing played a crucial factor to the recovery and is key to long term health. Today, TOJ aims to pioneer the Malaysian first high quality, nutritional and organic juice cleanse programme, and make it available across Malaysia. Oh, we also love the idea of recycling of used bottles where you’ll get up to RM1 for every bottle you return.

www.theorganicjuicery.com.my | FB: The-Organic-Juicery-My | IG: theorganicjuicerymy

6. Strip Juice

strip juice tallypress

“Bare it all with Strip Juice.” Strip off the nonsense with store-bought artificially enhanced flavored-drinks or misleading drinks that’s labelled 100% juice concentrates. Not only Strip Juice places emphasis on healthy juicing, they believe juicing is a lifestyle too. Using good quality fruits and with freshest juice cold-pressed on the day of delivery, Strip Juice is committed to offering sustainable prices while providing the best quality products in the most convenient way for people with busy schedules. Other than home deliveries, they also offer cold-pressed juice catering for events and private parties. Remember, it’s not just juice, it’s a lifetsyle.

www.stripjuice.com | FB: stripjuice | IG: stripjuice

7. Smooshie Juice

smooshie juice tallypress

Smooshie is a purist. Hence Smooshie is really, REALLY against all the bad stuff that are usually in bottled juice – sweeteners, concentrates, preservatives, colouring, dust etc. Smooshie is also a practitioner of ‘the art of yumminess’. What exactly is yumminess, you ask? It is what you get when you combine a fresh, young coconut with the tanginess of a ripe pineapple and the subtle sweetness of a rambutan. It’s the refreshing taste of a large, juicy, red watermelon, infused with the cooling and uplifting flavours of a cucumber. Basically it’s the careful amalgamation of specific fruits, in specific quantities that produce a truly unique and awesome flavour that is simply smooshie-licious! Feeling thirsty already? You can grab Smooshie juice at more than 30 F&B outlets in Klang Valley to Penang.

www.smooshiejuice.com | FB: SmooshieJuice | IG: smooshiejuice

8. Lifestyle Juicery

lifestyle juicery tallypress

The idea of Lifestyle Juicery was born out of a simple and desperate need to lead a healthier lifestyle in our country, Malaysia. While many of us have neglected the signals of our body’s health issues, Lifestyle Juicery wants you to attend to it through juicing. Lifestyle Juicery have been having fun experimenting and working hard to come out with a really awesome line of raw cold press juices and juice cleanse programs. They keep their mission and goal really simple, to bring about the best juice cleanse experience and customer service possible for all customers. And have a lot of fun while doing all that at the same time.

www.lifestylejuicery.com.my | FB: lifestylejuicery | IG: lifestylejuicery

9. Juicy Retreat

juicy retreat tallypress

What is Juicy Retreat about? While you take a short getaway to relax your mind and soul, have you also thought of giving your body a real “retreat” where your body goes through an amazing journey of rejuvenation, from the inside out? This is what Juicy Retreat is all about. Your healthy getaway. Juicy Retreat strive to give your body a break from your hectic life, while nourishing your body’s vitality with Mother Nature’s nutrients. Soak up all the essential nutrients today with Juicy Retreat!

www.juicyretreat.com | FB: juicyretreatkl | IG: juicyretreat

10. Fruit Lab

fruit lab tallypress

Let’s end the tally with something different. Fruit Lab Smoothies. Fruit Lab smoothies are carefully concocted from the freshest ingredients and handcrafted with 100% pure fruits that will naturally boost your immunity, make you feel rejuvenated, balanced, and excited to be alive.

These smoothies will be freshly blended at your request or you could simply grab one at cafes which have Fruit Lab smoothies. Fruit Lab offers free delivery services within Klang Valley with minimum orders (corporate orders accepted as well), and they also cater for events and private parties.

FB: mk.fruitlab | IG: fruitlabkl

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