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Some Girls Are Trading Provocative Selfies With Strangers For Amazon Wish List Items!

Oh dear. Could this really be happening?

It was recently reported that several British teenage girls are posting provocative selfies online in exchange for gifts from total strangers.

There seems to be a pattern among these young ladies. All of the blogs are typically filled with links that direct browsers to their public Amazon Wish List.

According to Metro News, the browsers have the option to choose and pay for what they like to send to the blogger. Although the address of the blogger is kept private, browsers can see the blogger’s full name and the country they live in.

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Image Credit: Lilybethgee's Instagram
Image Credit: Lilybethgee’s Instagram

20-year-old blogger Lily Gee is blessed with supermodel good looks and has over 2,000 followers on Instagram. The fashion and lifestyle blogger has no issue with her pictures as to her, there is nothing sexual about it.

Gee was even approached by a documentary photographer to model for her final university shoot that was based around the notion of bloggers using Amazon Wish Lists. A quick peek at her public list would show that she’s a fan of fashion brands Calvin Klein and Saint Laurent.

Image credit: Princess Chantelle on Twitter

Twitter user Princess Chantelle openly calls males ‘slaves’ to shower her with gifts and frequently post selfies with demeaning captions like #paypigs. Metro News reports that she has since received a quad bike, a wardrobe, and a TomTom.

Unlike Gee, Chantelle has a pretty eclectic range of Amazon Wish List items. Some of them include a portable dental X-ray machine, garden shed and high-heel shoes.

facepalm fail
Image Credit: Modchina

There’s nothing wrong with wanting expensive goods, but is this really the right way to do it? It is unbelievable how some strangers are perfectly willing to spend money for these ladies whom they’ve never even met.

Judging by the increasing number of tweets that are chock-full of #paypigs and #rinser, this indicates a really worrying social trend.

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