Because unlike other trackers, the Misfit Shine’s compact aesthetic is subtle and as versatile as your clothing choices.

June Javelosa  |  Singapore
Published 2015-02-24 12:00:03

As far wearable tech goes, the Misfit Shine takes the cake for actually being wearable. But does it sacrifice functionality just so it can look pretty?

Don’t get me wrong: as a gadget-loving girl, I appreciate the thought that went into the Misfit’s design so that I won’t look like I was purposely counting my steps on my way to the movies. But it also makes me wonder if it’s as effective as say, a Nike Fuel Band, which looks like it was designed specifically for joggers training to be Batman.


So let’s start with design and get that out of the way — because this is truly the most attractive and actually wearable gadget I have ever tried. You can clip it onto your clothes, although being a girl, I’m partial to wearing it as an accessory: a wristwatch, bracelet or necklace.

Image Credit: Mobihealthnews
Image Credit: Mobihealthnews

Unlike other trackers — which will undoubtedly betray either your geekiness or intent to lose those pesky 5 pounds — the Misfit Shine’s compact aesthetic is subtle and as versatile as your clothing choices.

So it wins in style. Now, what about function?

I’m happy to report that I’m actually pretty pleased with the quality and tracking capability of the device. Here are my reasons why:

  1. Its wireless syncing capability means there’s one less cord to mess up or lose in my black hole of a purse. It’s equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which can sync data when you place it on top of your phone — or if you’re too lazy, while you’re still wearing it. It does so automatically when you open the app, periodically while the app is open, and manually.
  1. No charging involved: instead, it uses the usual watch battery, which can last users up to 4 months. One less gadget to charge!
  1. It’s waterproof — legitimately, reliably waterproof. That said though, once you replace the battery, it has to be put back together properly. Doing so incorrectly will allow moisture to seep in.
Image Credit: teknolo.com
Image Credit: teknolo.com
  1. It features a tap to activate function that allows the device to start tracking a physical activity — whether it’s swimming, cycling, jogging, walking, etc.
  1. It comprehensively tracks your sleep patterns and gathers data that includes when you fall asleep, how deep you sleep, sleep lost, and total time slept against your sleep goals. It’s pretty basic compared to the Jawbone (which is known for this feature), but decent nonetheless.
  1. It has an ever-expanding collection of complementary apps and weight-loss integration.
  1. It will work with iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
Image credit: Fandroid
Image Credit: Fandroid

While the design of the Misfit Shine leans a lot towards the feminine, men do have the option of picking up its accessories to make it look more masculine. That said, if you’re a girl, I’d say don’t even think twice about which wearable tech to choose, because this is it: the Misfit Shine goes with every outfit.

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