This chart which plots smartphone usage against personal usage, giving us indisputable evidence that the smartphone usage on the rise.

Jacky Yap  |  SG
Published 2014-08-21 14:00:20

Mobile is something that we cover extensively on Vulcan Post. It is also well known that smartphones are increasingly becoming the primary devices for Internet users to browse the web.

To illustrate how the World Internet Usage is converging towards smartphone, Google’s Public Data service provides a great way to do that. Here’s a chart which plots smartphone usage against personal usage. The end result? An undisputable chart which shows the rise of smartphone usage over the past three years:

The data comes from TNS Germany, and is first spotted by Robin Moroney.

“This chart from a TNS survey of Internet users around the world shows how two clusters of countries in Asia respond to the smartphone,” wrote Robin on his Google+ account.

Desktop VS Smartphone usage

“The ones that had a high PC penetration buy their smartphones and then in 2013 start giving up on PCs.The ones that had low PC penetration, watch the PC penetration fall as more and more Internet users come online thanks to smartphones alone,” added Robin.

“The overall direction is striking: rich countries slowly wean themselves off PCs, while poorer countries don’t even bother to buy them.”

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