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Remember Vault Dragon, the service for physical storage that lets you deposit, manage, index, and retrieve your items through their web and mobile applications? Well, they have a new competitor in town.

The rival in question is known as Spaceship, and it allows users to schedule boxes to be dropped off at pre-determined locations. Once you receive your dedicated boxes, you can pack your items into the boxes and Spaceship will return to pick them up. There’s also an inventory management system, where you can access your items online and schedule a return anytime.

A nifty feature offered by Spaceship is that it allows pictures and names to be added to the boxes, complete with lists of everything that’s inside, including item categories and brands. This means you won’t have to open up the boxes to know what items are inside.

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So what can you store with Spaceship? Well, pretty much anything: Spaceship provides three different types of storage boxes to store your items: standard boxes can be used for general items, file boxes are good for all your documents, while wardrobe boxes are ideal for clothes. Some customers also use Spaceship to store items such as bicycles, sporting equipment, light furniture and others.

The standard storage box costs S$12 to rent per month, the wardrobe storage box costs S$18, and the file storage box S$6. As a comparison, a storage box with Vault Dragon would set you back by S$13.50 per month.

Spaceship claims to store your items at a secure location with no public access available. This means that boxes can only be picked up and delivered to you when you need them.

Would it work?

The question we’d probably be asking at this point is, would it work? Maybe. As average working adults, most of our items are digitized: books, CDs, music, magazines, files — some might argue that our transportation modes are too (there’s Uber for that). A quick check of the items I own reveals that most bulky items are non-essentials; I can simply consume digital formats of these items. And with time, there will be even lesser need for me to buy and keep physical objects.

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We can see how Spaceship could take off amongst customers from the enterprise and business sectors, though, since the service would keep physical files and documents nicely stored, while freeing up office space for more breathing room.

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