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It’s finally the weekend, and so many things have happened over the week. The Ice Bucket challenge starts really picking up speed in Singapore, and we see more and more of them pick up the trend. For this week’s Video Picks of the week, we’re taking a leaf out of the Ice Bucket Challenge’s book, and are going for the shock factor, designed to make you “What On Earth…” for so many different reasons.

1. Charlie Sheen Ice Bucket Challenge

This begins like any other regular Ice Bucket challenge. We’ve seen them before, and we know how it’s done by now. The weirdest thing about this appears to be the fact that Charlie Sheen is doing it indoors, on what looks like an extremely expensive carpet. But in true Charlie Sheen fashion, the ice water turns out to be US$10,000 – in cash! We should have known. The US$10,000 turned out to be Charlie Sheen’s donation to finding a cure for ALS, about which Charlie said: “Let’s face it, ice is gonna melt, but this money is actually going to help people.”

2. Porpoise-ly One

This starts off looking very much like any other video of marine animals in an aquarium, but these Beluga Whales (that look similar to dolphins or porpoises) are actually teasing the children! It’s almost like adults playing peek-a-boo with their kids, except the adults are white, 5 metres long, and suspended in water. It left me stunned and amused.

3. Lion City Kia

If you guys don’t know who ShiGGa Shay is, you likely won’t forget now. He is a Singaporean rap artist, and his song Lion City Kia (meaning Lion City People) that Mothership.Sg described as “blackest S’porean rap with the most swag”. The most “What The…” moment of the entire video was probably the ending, when Chew of the Grizzle Grind Crew came on, taking the tune of the entire song to a whole different level. His role, according to the Grizzle Grind website – The Burger Warrior. See if you can spot the Singaporean celebrities in this video.

4. Fish eats Baseball Player

First, it was just a friendly baseball game. Then a quirky fish mascot, trying to mess around with a baseball player. What happens next completely stuns me. By the end I was laughing by head off, and smarter for knowing never to mess with a fish. When did entertainment at half-time get so good?enablejsapi=1&html5=1&!

5. How does your skin really look like?

This video would probably shock you the most, and make you think twice before you leave the house. The special camera used in this video is an ultra-violet camera, that captures clearly on screen what sun damage we can’t see on our own skin. Sun damage is something that we hardly really think of as long as we don’t visibly see or feel it. However, it is a very real thing that does affect our skin whether we see it or not. Fun Fact: Even flourescent lights can cause skin damage on your skin, so do put on sunscreen even if you spend most of your time indoors.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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