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Since the inception of Instagram, the first thing you’re going to do when your food arrives is to snap and share with your friends. For some people, they will make the effort to arrange their food artfully and preserve its aesthetically pleasing memory in the Instagram archives.

An expert might suggest that you have a mental illness, perhaps you’re just filled with impulse to show off what you have eaten, or… you must have really enjoyed your meal. Regardless of which, food has become a staple of Instagram culture. Nowadays, it seems like everyone needs to see what you’ve been eating and where you have eaten.

We definitely have plenty of food apps to distract us from enjoying a warm and satisfying meal. Here’s another smartphone app that hits the market: Foodmento, a hybrid of Foursquare/Yelp and the #foodporn hashtag on Instagram.

Image Credit: Foodmento
Image Credit: Foodmento

How does Foodmento work?

Basically, the app is a meal discovery social network that lets you share the location of restaurants based on dish recommendations. The app’s location-specific structure lets you curate the best dishes in the world, and connect with people who love them too. In layman’s terms, it is just an app that makes you remember and rank the dishes you love to eat and want to eat. Apart from sharing, you can search for your delicious meals based on a number of filters such as location, the type of dish, and price.

Image Credit: Eater
Image Credit: Eater

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Why doesn’t Foodmento work?

So, I’ve had a go at using this app since I was intrigued by how this app could differentiate itself from other food apps in the market. Personally, I felt less enthusiastic about this app. The purpose of setting up filters was good – to facilitate your search for a delicious dish. I was bemused by the ‘Want This’ and ‘Had This’ tabs – I personally feel that they were unnecessary.

Image Credit: Sarah Oh
Image Credit: Sarah Oh

Comparing Foodmento with other food apps such as Burpple and HungryGoWhere, it is one of the most difficult apps to use.  Burpple is known as the Instagram for food that’s built in Singapore. It works like Instagram, so it wasn’t difficult to use. In fact, the idea of the app was simple and specific – food. There are so many recommended lists and guides that feature the best places for different occasion – this is ideal for someone like me, who’s constantly racking her brains to settle her three meals.

My overall experience of using Foodmento left me feeling puzzled. Sure, there are people who feel that it works alright for them but I definitely seek solace in Instagram, the God of all apps.

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