You might have seen pictures of her while shopping online, or heard her name while talking to your friends — today’s feature girl, Eunice Annabel, has indeed grown from her stint as a teenage part-time model to an accomplished online personality.

When asked what is her life motto, she shared with conviction that:

The greatest risk is not taking one at all.

Image Credit: Eunice Annabel
Image Credit: Eunice Annabel

If you don’t already know, Eunice has been chosen for the past two years as the brand ambassador for international beauty brands Maybelline and Sunsilk, an opportunity Eunice is grateful for. For those who are curious, you may find her tutorials on Maybelline’s website!

Sunsilk Ad featuring Eunice
Sunsilk ad featuring Eunice

Last year, the avid blogger was also given the chance to star in a local Jack Neo production, The Lion Men, and will also appear on the small screen this year with many veteran actors for a new local television drama, 2025.

2025 (Image Credit: Mediacorp)
2025 (Image Credit: Mediacorp)

The model and growing actress is slowly but surely establishing herself both online and offline. Last year, we spoke about a misunderstanding that happened between Eunice and well-known blogger, Xiaxue, that garnered much attention online. From the looks of it, Eunice seems to have left all of that behind, and is bravely entering the year 2015 armed with both her determination and encouragement from people around her. Way to go!

Today, we are privileged to take a peek into Eunice’s smartphone to find out what are some of the apps she uses as she goes about her hectic schedule as a blogger in Singapore!

Eunice's Homescreen (Image Credit: Eunice Annabel)
Eunice’s Homescreen (Image Credit: Eunice Annabel)

1. Instagram

“I can’t live without it. I love posting pictures of what I’m doing, what i’m eating, etc. It is also a platform I utilise to earn an income. Hehe.”

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2. Twitter

“A platform I rant on. I read the news from it as well!”

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3. Snapchat 

“This app keeps me happy — it’s a platform to post stuff without having to mask behind filters, etc. I highly recommend it!”

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“This app allows me to transfer funds instantly or check my bank account balance on the go.”

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5. ComfortDelGo Taxi Booking App

“I only ride either Comfort or City cabs — this app helps me get one, and works 80% of the time.”

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6. Uber 

“If the Comfort app fails, I’ll turn to Uber — it works 90% of the time!”

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7. Dropbox 

“My girlfriends and I constantly help each other snap pictures of our OOTDS, etc., and this app allows us to share the photos effortlessly!”

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8. Spotify 

“I can’t live without music and I am so grateful for Spotify! Probably the best thing ever invented! I love it so much, I’m on premium.”

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9. Shazam

“This app helps me discover new music.”

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10. VSCOcam

“This is where I edit and filter my photos before posting on Instagram. It’s the only app I use.”

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11. YouTube

“I don’t watch TV, but I watch a lot of YouTube videos!”

Thank you Eunice, for sharing with us the apps that get to be part of your life. For those who want to know about her, you may find her writing on her blog (where she talks about her latest adventures), her YouTube channel (where she shares her most intimate beauty and lifestyle tips), catch her ranting on Twitter, or be inspired by her OOTDs on Instagram.

I’m actually finally convinced that I should download VSCOcam. On to one more app on my phone!

Apps I Live By is a series where we take sneak peeks into the smartphones of influential personalities. Last year, we discovered numerous new apps and the favourites of many accomplished individuals. Should you have a story or want us to feature someone, do not hesitate to talk to me at Cheers!

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