We can't avoid the train delays, but instead of fuming, why not spend your time coming up with more #SMRTmovies puns?

Charlene  |  Singapore
Published 2015-03-04 13:01:36

Yesterday, in yet another ‘track fault’ incident, hordes of commuters waiting to board trains along the East-West line found themselves stranded on train station platforms — during the rush hour.

It was so bad that a friend of mine — who happened to be caught in the massive hold-up — texted me, saying, “I am so late for a course. I cannot even get onto the platform. Not the train ah, the platform.”

But in a curious twist of fate, what happened after that was not the usual flood of complaints that took Twitter by storm. Instead, Singaporeans started tweeting with the hashtag #SMRTmovies, making light of the situation with a selection of puns based on both classic and newer movie titles.

Here are seven of our favourites, complete with images to help you visualise:

1. Because waiting an hour for the train really does feel like a lifetime.


2. Our trains didn’t just break down once, did they?


 3. Go on, blame it on the “track fault”, like we always do.


4. This movie was made to explain our plight.


5. Exactly.


6. Irritation might be an understatement.


 7. If only it was the original Trainspotting


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