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Published 2014-09-09 10:00:56

Facebook has been keeping the online social networking service alive with its onslaught of new app rollouts such as the Slingshot app (which became briefly available in selected app stores before it vanished), new video sharing features and a bigger ‘Like’ button.

This time, Facebook puts a surprising twist on their new app rollout – it’s going after famous people. The new iOS app, Facebook Mentions is an exclusive app for celebrities and famous people to interact with their fans and make these interactions even better.

Some of the big names, who have been quietly using the app, include Mariah Carey, Whoopi Goldberg, Samuel L Jackson, Ed Sheeran, and more. Creepily enough, I think that this is an app that allows public figures to find out what their fans are saying behind their backs.


How Does Mentions Work?

It’s a Facebook Creative Labs app is specifically released for verified public figures to talk with their fans on the move. The app is only available for public figures with verified Facebook pages. If you’re not famous and you don’t have a dedicated page, you won’t have access to this app.

As a user of Facebook Mentions, you can see what fans are saying about you and you can ‘celebrity-bomb’ their conversations. You can share your story by posting updates, sharing photos or videos or hosting a live Q&A session with your fans.

Here’s an example of an interaction between a famous person and their fan, in the case of Whoopi Goldberg and her critics:

Image Credit: Daily Mail
Image Credit: Daily Mail

Dom Lane, a Facebook user posted on his status, “Whoopi Goldberg – cool. Any film she’s ever been in ever- not cool.” Whoopi Goldberg used the app to tell this man why his opinion was wrong, leaving him speechless. Much to his surprise, she responded, “You’re entitled to your opinion. But colour purple is a great movie Ghost Long Walk Home I’ve made about 80. Have you seen them all? Lion King?” Mr Dom was caught speechless, hence he replied, “That’ll teach me. Colour Purple was epic. I’ll get my coat…”

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Singapore Has Joined The Mentions App Hype

Good news, Singapore! You can interact with your favourite local celebrities and famous people, including Fann Wong, Christopher Lee, Jayley Woo, and Ian Fong. According to Fann Wong and her husband, Christopher Lee, they’re all hyped up with the new Mentions app. Their newborn, Zed, is turning a month old and they are looking forward to use the app to celebrate the occasion with their fans.

Image Credit: Fann Wong’s Facebook

Basically, it sounds like Facebook’s purpose of inventing the app is clearly intended to drive engagement and create a conversation with the community. High profile users are key to the success of this app by getting more involved with the social media platform. If you want to be part of the list of Mentions users, you need to be verified on Facebook before you can proceed to download the app to have access to the rest of its features. Right now, it’s just a fantasy for me.

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