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You might know her as a panel judge and expert at events such as the Her World Beauty Awards 2014, but there’s more to 24-year-old Roseanne Tang than you’d think.

And yes, she’s only 24!

Greeting me with a pleasant introduction, Roseanne’s enthusiasm is definitely infectious. The London-trained professional make-up artist is not only an influential blogger here in Singapore; she also runs her own make-up school, Bloom By Roseanne.

Image Credit: Roseanne Tang

When asked about her life motto, this was her response:

“Do your best and let God do the rest.”

And when I asked her to explain what this debatable saying means, she shared, “I think so many times we feel like we have to use all our strength and might to make things happen and we get so disappointed when they don’t go our way. But I really believe that if we just trusted God to do the rest and just focus on doing our best, we’d be a lot happier people. It’s what I live my life by.”

I’m not sure about you, but Roseanne’s candour speaks volumes about her outlook towards life and her career. In a self-description on her blog, Roseanne shares that the reason she’s doing what she is doing is simply because “beauty has inspired me — I only want to pay it forward.”

Today, we are privileged to take a peek into the smartphone of this spirited individual and find out which apps get to be part of her life.

Roseanne's Homescreen (Image Credit: Roseanne Tang)
Roseanne’s homescreen (Image Credit: Roseanne Tang)

1. Buzzfeed

“If I have to name a guilty pleasure, it would be Buzzfeed. I actually read headlines every morning when I wake up and every night before I sleep. The app keeps me on track with news and politics and includes the fun stuff like ‘Breakfast Foods Around The World.’ It’s like my unwind time and me time. Me and the Buzzfeed app.”

2. Instagram

“I am obsessed with Instagram and it’s my favourite app! Although some prefer a general theme, I love taking photos of my life and sharing it with others especially when I travel or have a new beauty find. It has really brought the photographer out of me, although I don’t call myself one at all. It also helps me to interact with my followers fast by sharing information or even asking for opinions.”

3. Snapseed

“I rarely upload a photo raw on Instagram and usually edit it first. I’ve tried other apps like VSCOcam but find Snapseed the easiest to edit my photos, especially when I can quickly alter brightness, ambience and contrast to give my photos an oomph. I like my photos vivid so filters for me aren’t necessary.”

4. Gmail

“I get a lot of emails everyday and having it on my phone is super easy because I can reply to them on the spot or ‘star’ it for later. It makes me loads more efficient.”

5. Google Calendar

“Who keeps a planner anymore? I don’t. There’s a huge calendar icon on my home screen because my calendar is my top tip to being and staying organised. All confirmed appointments go in there and I can’t live without it. I like seeing my overall month and week as well. In fact, being an Android user, I can flip through screens, so it’s not just on the home screen. My calendar takes up an entire space by itself when you flip to the next screen.”

Should anyone be interested to know more about Roseanne or engage her services, you may view her portfolio here or even learn make-up techniques on her Youtube Channel Roseannetangrs.

Alternatively, you may also view her vibrant Instagram account or get updates from her via Twitter @roseannetangrs.

Thank you Roseanne for being so passionate about what you are doing. It’s a joy to have you on Vulcan Post!

Apps I Live By is a series where we take sneak peeks into the smartphones of influential personalities. Last year, we discovered numerous new apps and the favourites of many accomplished individuals. Should you have a story or want us to feature someone, do not hesitate to talk to me at dawn@vulcanpost.com. Cheers!

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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