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Picture it: an inexpensive fun night-out where we could just mingle with our best pals. There’s no judgment, just talking and good food. It sounds like a darn good idea, doesn’t it? Call me a Debbie Downer, but the thing is, it’s never easy planning activities.

Aiming to change this is Mygola Founder and CEO Anshuman Bapna. During an interview with WIT, Bapna shares that even though there’s a large number of apps that operate in the tourism sector, there’s still a crack in the market. Granted, these apps are jam-packed with attractive features, but none of them helps users to create a day’s plan.

That is why he decided to launch Perfect Day, a free app that allows users “to discover great things to do, create smart plans for your day and easily book them”.

Image credit: Perfect Day
Image Credit: Perfect Day

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If you do a quick Google search, you’d find out that Mygola is the world’s largest collections of hand-curated trips and a travel startup that allows travellers to create and discover customisable travel itineraries. As shown on its official site, the team is a versatile bunch — some of them come from big companies like Google, Zynga and Stanford!

To put it simply, Perfect Day is built on 3 principles: Choose, Plan, and Book. There are over 10 categories specially handpicked by the Mygola team. Just to name a few, the categories run from Nightlife, New & Noteworthy, Deals, Shopping, and my absolute favourite, Free Things To Do (I’m a sucker for freebies and I’m not ashamed to admit it).

Image credit: Mygola
Image Credit: Mygola

Peruse the feed and if an activity catches your eye, all you need to do is click on the Add tab. You can also automatically create plans and book activities straight from the app. The local deals and events are updated daily, so it’s highly unlikely this app is going to bore the pants off of you.

Have a bad sense of direction? Fret not, as the app is equipped with interactive maps and local transport details to guide you through. If you’d like to have the best experience (because why shouldn’t you), be sure to check out recommendations from locals and travellers!

Image credit: Mygola
Image Credit: Mygola

Who says practicality and fun don’t go well together? To kick it up, Perfect Day gives you “a realistic plan that is not overcrowded”. Users who unintentionally go overboard with their activities will have a reminder to inform them that they have to drop a place or two. This happens when the places they’ve picked are too far, or the hours don’t match. There are also recommended activities if users have a gap in their plans.

If I have to pick my favourite feature, it’s this: Perfect Day works great for both tourists and Singaporeans. Apparently, users can choose to experience a selected activity as a first-timer or a local — how cool is that?

Next time you hear someone cries out, “Singapore is so boring!” do them a favour and introduce them to Perfect Day. Who knows, the app might just change their mind.

You can download Perfect Day in iTunes.

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