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A campaign known as the #MerdekaTanpaDenggi which was launched in July by Sanofi Malaysia and initiated by Malaysian Health Ministry is meant to raise awareness among Malaysians on dengue fever in the country.

The campaign which encourages the public to use the special hashtag #MerdekaTanpaDenggi to show their support is meant to educate Malaysians on ways to prevent dengue from spreading, hoping to reduce the dengue cases in the country.

According to a recent statistics released by the Health Ministry, as of June this year a total of 82 people have died of dengue fever, which is a more than 200 per cent increment compared to the same period last year which saw only 25 deaths reported. The number of reported dengue cases also tripled, increasing from 12,143 cases last year to 42,229 cases this year.

Image credit: Cooper Group
Image Credit: Cooper Group

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According to the World Health Organisation, dengue is a viral infection transmitted by the bite of an infected female Aedes mosquito and because it is caused by a virus, there is currently no specific medicine or antibiotic to treat the fever. The symptoms of dengue fever will appear after an average of four to seven days after the bite. Early clinical diagnosis could save lives.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever (Please note, symptoms might vary)

  1. High Fever
  2. Red eyes
  3. Pain behind the eyes
  4. Headaches
  5. Joint and muscle pain
  6. Vomiting
  7. Nausea
  8. Skin rash
  9. Mild bleeding on areas such as nose and gum
Image credit: Channel News Asia
Image Credit: Channel News Asia


  • Do not give any opportunity for mosquitoes to breed. Clean containers that hold water such as flower pots and water containers regularly around the house. Try to put a cover on water containers. Discard any item that could store up rain water.
  • Try to minimize outdoor activities two hours after sunrise, and few hours before sunset as these are the active period for Aedes mosquitoes.
  • Wear light coloured clothing if you have to go out during the Aedes’ active period as the mosquitoes are usually attracted to darker coloured things.
  • Use mosquito repellent, mosquito net and mosquito coils to prevent mosquito bites.
  • Try to stay in air-conditioned room as the mosquitoes are unlikely to bite in cool room.

Sanofi Pasteur managing director Baptiste De Clarens said the country’s national day was a best time to remind friends and relatives on the danger of dengue.

“The number of dengue cases has been alarming this year and we want to do all we can to make an impact and educate people on how we can work together to curb this disease.”

“Together as Malaysians we can stand together to create awareness and an environment free from dengue,” De Clarens was quoted by The Star.

The campaign encourages the public to upload pictures and messages on Facebook and other social media to show support to the campaign.

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