Starting out at the young age of 15, Tammy's blogshop Ohsofickle has since grown into one of the more popular online shopping brands in Singapore.

Dawn  |  Singapore
Published 2015-04-15 12:00:44

People say first impressions always count. Our personality today is a successful 24-year-old entrepreneur, an avid blogger, and a single mother — how’s your impression forming?

Whether or not your snap judgement resulted in favour or dislike for her, today’s interview will focus on Tammy just as who she is. If you do not know, Tammy started out in 2005 building her very own blogshop, and from its humble beginnings, Ohsofickle has since grown into one of today’s most successful online clothing stores.

Are you doing the math now to calculate how young she was when she broke into the online world of fashion? You’re right: she was a mere 15-year-old — that’s a whole lot of courage and ambition at 15!

Tammy Tay (Image Credit: Tammy Tay)
Tammy Tay (Image Credit: Tammy Tay)

At the same time, Tammy is also a lifestyle and fashion blogger, and writes candidly on her site about her inspirations, thoughts, and truthful feelings. This year, as she embraces being a mother to her newborn baby boy Elroy, Tammy’s honest posts speak only of her courage and optimism towards life.

Speaking about her life motto, Tammy shares:

Do whatever makes you happy.

Today, we have the privilege to take a sneak peek into her smartphone and get to know the apps she lives by as a business owner and mother!
Image Credit: Tammy Tay
Image Credit: Tammy Tay

1. SnapChat

“I like that I can post “unglam” moments here, and also tell my friends my whereabouts since I can’t do it on most of my platforms where majority are people I don’t know. We snap a lot of nonsense for each other and the best thing is it gets removed forever in 24 hours! Also, no one can screenshot my unglam moments without me knowing as there’ll be a notification.”

2. Mei Tu Xiu Xiu (MTXX)

“I call this the cheat app. You can remove blemishes, stretch your images to make yourself look taller, slim your face…etc.”

3. Snapseed

“I cannot be happier with this app as it allows me to selectively adjust my images. Most apps can only adjust the whole image. I can lighten and darken certain areas of the picture, e.g., if the background is too dark I can select the background to brighten it.”
Thank you, Tammy, for your time and recommendations.
Should you be interested to read more about Tammy’s lifestyle inspirations, hop on to her blog and browse her many posts! You may also browse her shop’s Instagram account @shopohsofickle for everything fashion-related.
Wishing Tammy and Baby Elroy a year ahead filled with love, joy, and everything that truly matters.
Apps I Live By is a series where we take sneak peeks into the smartphones of influential personalities. Last year, we discovered numerous new apps and the favourites of many accomplished individuals. Should you have a story or want us to feature someone, do not hesitate to talk to me at dawn@vulcanpost.com. Cheers!

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