Here are five local startups you may not have heard of before — but will definitely want to keep an eye out for in 2015.

Jingyi Low  |  Singapore
Published 2015-05-06 16:44:51

Singapore startups are growing in numbers and strength, as ambitious individuals step out of their comfort zones to become the bosses of their own lives. Of more than 14 local startups present at the Tech In Asia 2015 conference, we bring you the top five which you may not have heard of — but will definitely want to keep an eye out for in 2015.

1. Leggo

Leggo was founded by Edric Subur, who describes his app as one to “Accelerate Happiness”. The SMU graduate clearly understands the need for great hangouts around Singapore whenever you meet up with friends. The app shows you the best discounts for groups around Singapore, and is looking to expand its list of available activities to include sports activities such as kayaking courses. Leggo is now in Beta, with its official launch on Android and iOS happening in two weeks. It aims to be the next platform for open group invitations.


2. Nox

We would be more than happy to join the dark side with Nox, the app that not only lists the best places to have drinks around town, but also dabbles in event management to create exclusive nocturnal events for VIPs. “Imagine Zouk on a yacht,” said one of the co-founders when explaining what Nox has the potential to do. With all these parties listed conveniently on your mobile, Nox does make the nightlife irresistible.

Image Credit: Nox
Image Credit: Nox

3. StaffOnDemand

This free-to-use platform accelerates the recruitment process for both employers and employees. StaffOnDemand operates based on questions set by the employers, which job applicants have to answer in an automated phone call interview. Companies can then select their preferred candidates by sifting through applicants’ recorded answers.

StaffOnDemand is already being used by MyRepublic, Singapore Management University, and the Singapore InfoComm Technology Federation, among others. Its popularity is a clear indication that we’re more than ready for a platform where candidates can be matched with companies in the shortest amount of time possible.

Image Credit: StaffOnDemand
Image Credit: StaffOnDemand

4. Mnh labs

Research for Mnh labs’ sleep monitoring device, Nana, began back in December 2014, and it’s slated to launch this July. The sleep sensor is as thin as a foam mousepad, but will detect sleep patterns even from under 15 inches of bedding. Through the information gathered, users will be able to identify potential causes of disturbed sleep. They can then make adjustments to factors like temperature, lighting, and their lifestyle habits to help them get the best quality sleep.

Nana could potentially change the way hospitals operate and treat their patients, and help healthcare workers and worried family members care for their loved ones.

5. Hero

Rounding off the list is Hero, the app that calls itself “The Home of Sports”. Founded by Darryl Lau, it definitely lives up to its name, dedicating itself to introducing sports groups and events that users can take part in. Through the app, users will be able to book individual classes with the gym or attend the next bike rally. Listed groups also display the number of participants that have signed up, so you get an idea of the crowd size.

Hero also gives users the flexibility to commit to individual classes instead of having to sign up for class packages (Editors Note: Hero has clarified that this is still in the pipeline). Instructors get to interact with students in a dedicated community page, so that participants feel motivated to continue with future workout sessions.

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