Dark Steve Jobs Trailer Reveals Michael Fassbender As The Man Himself

Steve Jobs the movie has released its first ever trailer, giving us a peek into Michael Fassbender as the late Steve Jobs. The trailer, riveting and minimalistic with the scene it chooses to show, gives only a glimpse at how Fassbender will be playing Steve Jobs.

The confident and almost cocky voice-over hints at the moody and dramatic nature of the movie.

“The musicians play the instruments,” it said. “I play the orchestra.”

So far, only photos have been released from the movie, none of which have remotely answered the question on how good the movie will be. It’s an interesting casting choice as well: Fassbender doesn’t look very much like Jobs, unlike the last actor to play the founder of Apple, Ashton Kutcher. Not to mention, Fassbender has most notably played roles in movies like X-Men and 300 — films quite different from his current one.

But surely, what they lack in visuals will be compensated for in pure drama.

Steve Jobs (left) and Ashton Kutcher (right) (Image Credit: FacePunch.com)


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