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While searching for jobs, its always hard to find something that lets you work on your own terms – when you want to work, what is the job role you want, how long do you want to work, how much do you want to be paid. This would be difficult in the traditional hiring process, where employers have the advantage in obtaining the necessary information.

But with Temploy on the scene, things can change. With a mission to “disrupt the traditional office-hour model of work and empower candidates to work closer to their ideal lifestyle and convenience”, Temploy is trying to empower the workers in Southeast Asia.

Temploy focuses mostly on connecting temp workers and employers, where hours are flexible, and the necessary skills are less specific. According to Temploy, this is to ease the labor crunch in South East Asia, where there are currently 14.8 million unemployed in the region and employers struggling to find skilled/semi-skilled workers. Temploy uses a proprietary algorithm that allows employers to skip manual rostering and workers to choose their work-hours/dates.
How to use Temploy is simple. Both potential employees and employers will need to sign up to an account with Temploy. While employers fill up information about their company, employees have the option to define their availability (date and hour), the hourly charge, skillset, and other particulars. This would help employers find the manpower they need that suit the job scope the best. After that, just wait till the prince meets the princess the employers find their candidates. Voilà!

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My first impression of Temploy: I like it. There are a few unique features that make Temploy rather attractive to me.

As a jobseeker, you won’t need to search for jobs, you just create your profile and relax. The employers find you. They contact you. It is the opposite of how the traditional job-hunt method works, where employers post a job and let the jobseekers do the rest.

You won’t pay a penny until you are selected for a job. If someone decides to hire you, you will need to pay a tiny fee of SGD1 to Temploy as a service charge. The employers would need to pay SGD2 for every vacancy they fill using Temploy. If there are no matches, no one needs to pay.

Temploy also keeps the identity of the jobseeker secret until he or she is hired. Peter Justin Yu, the Public Relation and Media Co-ordinator for Temploy said, “This anonymity is to prevent discrimination based on race, gender, religion, looks etc. However, Temploy might roll out a premium feature in the near future for candidate verification, to safeguard the interest of the employer.” Fair enough, the world needs less discrimination.

Month Planned Using Temploy(Image from: Temploy)
Month Planned Using Temploy (Image Credit: Temploy)

Can Temploy Save Human Resource Managers?

Yes and no. Temploy is brilliant in bringing temp workers and employers close. But most companies wouldn’t use Temploy as their organisation’s primary source of recruitment unless the organisation is run completely on part-time/ temporary workers.

Nonetheless, it would help companies manage any sudden influx of work you may have in your organisation. For example, if you run a restaurant and the weekend evenings are more crowded than your permanent staff can handle, you can simply hire cooks and waiters for those few hours. If your office suddenly has a paperwork crisis, you can hire a temp who’s free for the next two weeks to sort it out for you as business continues.

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Now, let’s see the scenario from the other side. Suppose, I am a student and I have nothing good to do during the weekend. Like every student, I am also short on cash. I can simply log onto Temploy, offer my service during the weekends and earn. Or if I am unemployed, but I need to spend a few hours in the afternoon taking care of my child, I would be able to find temp jobs that suit my odd hours. As Temploy allows me to share my skillset, there would be no problems in finding the jobs I want, at my rate, at my convenient hour.

What Temploy is trying to achieve is a perfect win-win situation for both the parties. The same can be said for occasions like any special event any organisation is arranging, needing an IT expert for a day, so on and so forth.

The part I didn’t like about Temploy was the interface. You can log in here to look at how it works. For me, it was too crowded. The interface could have been more interactive, intuitive, and even attractive. Presently, it looks like an accountant’s worksheet.

Temploy Account (Image from: Temploy)
Temploy Account (Image Credit: Temploy)

Currently offering its services in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Hungary, Temploy can be expected to spread fast.  If you are in any of these countries and are looking to utilise your idle time in a productive way, do give Temploy a try.

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