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Are you a Muslim? Still single? Hoping to fall in love? Then you should try out Salamz, the new Android app that wants to help Muslim singles meet each other. Apple users don’t feel dejected; the iOS version is coming soon.

Salamz (the word Salam means peace) is a matrimonial app made exclusively for Muslims. With no shortage of dating apps in the Google Play Store, this app plays in a saturation market. But what makes it so different from the rest?

This is How Salamz Profiles Look Like (Image from: ggpht.com)
This is How Salamz Profiles Look Like (Image from: ggpht.com)

The unique thing about this app is that it targets Muslims exclusively, a community in which arranged marriages are still largely popular. Homam Alghorani, the founder of Malaysia-based RocketTech, the company behind this app, is a native of Syria. DNA quotes Alghorani, “My cofounder and I were talking about how difficult it is to find a (Muslim) wife in Europe from his home country, as he lives in Ireland. Then we came up with the idea to pivot to a matchmaking platform,”.

To use Salamz, you’ll need to login using Facebook or Twitter. After that, you’ll be able to create a profile, search for the opposite gender using your search preference, converse and take the matter forward if both parties are willing. However, there are other matrimonial apps in the market that offer the same thing. In fact, BharatMatrimony, an Indian matrimonial app, was featured in the Limca Book of World Records for the highest number of documented marriages online. In that barrage of apps, you still have the option to set the preferred religion as Muslim, for it to operate the way Salamz does. Moreover, those apps are available in multiple languages, compared to the options of Arabic and English offered by Salamz.

“We are trying to provide a simple, secure and user-friendly mobile experience,” Alghorani told DNA. “Starting with the basics and then maintaining sustainable development for the application, to make ensure it’s giving the best experience in the market.”

I installed it and tried to login. The login screen gave me two symbols, a facebook logo and a ‘@’ which I guessed to be Facebook and Twitter login options respectively. This screen might lead people to believe that there is no native way to register with Facebook or Twitter. I tapped the Twitter login button, and this was all I saw.


There is indeed a register by email option, but it was hidden under the Twitter login button. The language selection button for English and Arabic didn’t display its functionality clearly. Finally, if you try to go back from the login screen, the Back/Return key of my Android phone simply stopped working, and I had to terminate this app.

The buggy interface could be due to RocketTech’s early release of the app. In fact, RocketTech takes pride in its early release. According to Alghorani, “in comparison with most companies that release apps only after they are completely developed we released our app at a very early stage of development with basic features and a very simple interface. We then adjusted the platform based on feedback from our testers and early adopters.”

Don’t they say that the first impression is the last impression? After experiencing an underdeveloped, buggy interface, will anyone return to this app?

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 10.35.30 PM

This app also suffers from a common problem of any new social app – a shortage of people. You can see this problem occurring from their review section on Google Play. With almost 2000 registrations, you can’t have that much choice. When using too many search parameters, the potential matches shown in this app will be significantly low, if not none.

The app, at least ideally, had good intentions. In many Muslim countries, a physical girl-boy interaction is still looked down upon. With this app, you wouldn’t need a physical interaction to choose a mate. While the traditionalists might argue with some valid points, many Muslim youths will now be empowered with the right to choose their partner for life.

Our Verdict:

Usefulness: 3/10

Ease of Use: 4/10

Aesthetics: 2/10

Performance: 3/10

Please note: This application needs Adobe Air to run. Install Adobe Air along with this app if you don’t have it installed.

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