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Published 2015-06-09 16:41:11

We all enjoy a good deal from time to time whether it’s a discount for a meal at our favorite restaurant, a cheaper hotel room or a promotion at a spa nearby.

While there are times when businesses don’t really offer great value for their deals, you can count on these websites and apps to give you a good deal in the industry that they operate in, respectively.

1. Offpeak

Image Credit: Offpeak.my
Image Credit: Offpeak.my

The next time you’re planning on a dinner date and you’re looking for great value for a reasonable price, you could check out Offpeak.my. Offpeak.my curates all of the best deals from a wide array of restaurants that specialise in different cuisines to offer you a memorable deal.

Once you’re on Offpeak.my, you can scroll through their endless list of deals and when you find one that you’re interested in, you can make a reservation for a particular date and time. Each restaurant have their own time slots with discounts that range from as low as 10% to as high as 50%, so you will be spoilt for choice.

Do make sure that you read the fine print before proceeding with the reservation.

2. Grabit

Image Credit: grabit.buzz
Image Credit: grabit.buzz

Grabit is an app that provides you with a wide range of food deals whereby dishes are offered at a discounted price. The deals on Grabit have a time frame before they expire. You can look for a deal that you’re interested in which is still available, purchase the e-voucher and then travel to the particular shop and present it to the shop assistant — very straightforward.

At the moment, you can only purchase their e-vouchers either through their iOS or Android app but you could also opt to browse through their deals on their website.

3. HotelQuickly

Image Credit: HotelQuickly
Image Credit: HotelQuickly

HotelQuickly prides itself in helping you find the best deals when it comes to hotel reservations for last minute bookings. You can download their iOS or Android app and then select your destination and book one of the hotels that are displayed.

You can filter the results based on your needs —be it a 4 Star or a 5 Star hotel— you can be assured that you can find a room on HotelQuickly.

4. CurrenSeek

Image Credit:CurrenSeek
Image Credit:CurrenSeek

CurrenSeek is an Android app that helps you locate the best exchange rate the next time you’re on the move. It displays the exchange rates around you and it empowers you to make a well-informed decision.

Currently, the app can only be utilised in central Kuala Lumpur, KLIA 1 and KLIA 2 and they cover over 10 major currencies. However, they are continuously looking for opportunities to expand.

The next time you’re looking to exchange a few USDs for RM, make sure that you’re in Central KL before consulting with the app for a good deal.

5. Smart Shopper 

Image Credit: Smart Shopper Malaysia
Image Credit: Smart Shopper Malaysia

Smart Shopper is a helpful app which is able to track the price and promotion of items from more than 80% of the retailers in Malaysia to simplify your shopping trips.

Before you head out for your next grocery trip, you can use the app to find out which retailer has the best price for the items that are on your shopping list. Save time and money by getting the best deals without having to travel to various grocery stores and hypermarkets.

6. The Lorry

Image Credit: TheLorry.com
Image Credit: TheLorry.com

TheLorry.com is a platform that provides transparent, easy and quick logistics and transportation services through the power of the Internet. TheLorry.com will provide you with at least 5 quotes in less than 30 seconds and it does so at cheap and affordable rates.

All you have to do is select your type of transportation along with the destination and you’re provided with quotes, following which you could decide to make a reservation. You can check them out here.

7. Groupon

Image Credit: Groupon
Image Credit: Groupon

Groupon.my is home to thousands of deals that you could check out. Find deals that range from dining, all the way to spas, travel and fashion.

You can download their free mobile app on either your iOS or Android device if you’re one of those people that scroll through deals on a daily basis. Or you can just check them out at their site.

The next time you’re low on cash or you’re trying to save a few bucks, check out these apps and websites to get a good deal on whatever you’re looking for. Have anything else to add to this list? Leave a comment and let us know about them!

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