Slurp! Cook helps home chefs to reach out to more people who enjoy home-cooked food, and get paid in return.

Ajay Madhukar  |  Singapore
Published 2015-06-12 16:27:26

A lot of startups are dabbling in the idea of reinventing the F&B industry as we know it, by creating new and exciting platforms and apps that provide consumers with interesting options.

Silent Mode recently rolled out the Beta Version of their new app called Slurp! Cook, an app for home cooked food sellers who’d like to create online stores for themselves.

Regarding the app, Reza Razali (co-founder) said, “For entrepreneurs selling their home-cooked foods including hari raya delicacies starting this upcoming fasting month, Slurp! Cook can be a useful tool to have. Once the shops are online on Slurp! Mobile app, customers within the Klang Valley who enjoy home-cooked foods can use their own phone to check out food selections and place an order for delivery with just a few clicks of a button”.

The premise of the app is that if you’re interested in becoming a home cook that earns a living, you can first register with Silent Mode and then proceed to potentially take orders from all the app users who live in the Klang Valley.

Image Credit: Slurp
Image Credit: Slurp


The beta app is currently available on the Android platform and it does come with key features that are quite useful.

1. Menu Setup

Image Credit: Slurp
Image Credit: Slurp

You can quickly upload your menu and all related details to the app’s dashboard all through your smartphone. You may choose to make changes to the menu at any given time and they will be reflected in real time. You don’t need to have any extensive IT skill.

2. Instant Order Notification

Image Credit: Slurp
Image Credit: Slurp

Every time a potential customer places an order through the Slurp! Mobile customer app, you would be instantly notified and you may choose to either accept or reject their order.

3. Slurp! Cloud for analytics

Image Credit: Slurp
Image Credit: Slurp

You can use the analytics and reports provided by the Slurp! Cloud and make more informed decisions when accepting orders.

Reza Razali also remarked, “We are excited with the introduction of Slurp! Cook. We aim to help entrepreneurs of microbusinesses become more efficient at managing customer orders. They can also make smarter business decisions using analytics reports that we make avaialable for them 24/7.”

Image Credit: Slurp
Image Credit: Slurp

Potential: 3/5 

While the app is still a beta, it would be interesting to see how the final roll out would be. I’m looking forward to how the larger brands in the F&B ecosystem respond to apps and platforms that favor home cooks.

While I understand the craze with home cooked food, will they ever be able to compete with the speed, the ease and finesse of traditional fast food chains?

Regardless of the apps or the platforms, can a person living somewhere in the Klang Valley deliver my food faster than say Dominos?

I can’t wait for 2 hours while I’m starving just so I can enjoy a healthy meal—I’d rather die.


If you want to sign up as a cook to advertise and simplify your home business through the app, you can do so here for free.

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