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I don’t know about you but every day, I come across situations and read articles that make me wonder if we really are headed for the future, or simply going backward in terms of intelligence and advancement. They range from issues pertaining politics, religion and society.

I’m sick of reading rubbish and listening to people who have nothing but garbage spilling out from their mouths.

I’m sick of witnessing racism and injustice taking place right before my eyes, and no one wanting to make a change.

I’m sick of tolerating the nonsense that people have come to accept as the “norm in society”.

I’m sick of it all.

This is me venting out my frustrations. This is me saying enough is enough. This is me giving it to your face about what is wrong with society today. This is me giving you 8 examples that prove we live amongst brainless fools.


1. Our national gymnast, Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, recently won a gold medal at the SEA Games. Instead of being proud of her achievement, she has been receiving a slew of criticisms from a number of Muslims who have accused her of displaying the “shape of her vagina” for everyone to see.

I don’t get it. Why are these people ogling at her nether regions instead of admiring her skills? Do they expect her to wear a robe and hijab and swing around the bars? They claim that she will never be accepted in heaven as she has “sinned” for showing her aurat. These people clearly need to have their priorities checked.

The way I see it, what she wishes to do is entirely up to her. Who are we to judge her? I agree with Farah’s tweet following the social media backlash: “Empty cans make the most noise”.

Image Credit: The Malay Mail Online
Image Credit: The Malay Mail Online

2. Recently, an ignorant oaf posted an inquiry on the Facebook page of Texas Chicken Malaysia, because he had noticed that the chain’s dipping sauce had the word Church on it. He claimed that Muslims are not allowed to eat food from “church brands”. TCM explained that “Church’s Chicken” was the chain’s name in the US, and not at all related to Christianity.

And just so you know, there is no such prohibition in Islam. I dare you to search for information regarding this matter in the Quran. You won’t find it. If you want to be religious, go right ahead. No one is stopping you. Just don’t use your ignorance to come up with rubbish in the name of God and smear a religion’s name.


3. When Suzanna G. L. Tan headed to the Road Transport Department (JPJ) recently, she was handed a sarong and forced to wear it on top of her just-half-an-inch-above-the-knee skirt, and the officers refused to attend to her until she covered her entire lower body region. She was decently dressed, yet she was humiliated by these officers.

Perhaps they were getting turned on looking at the lady in the skirt, because I can’t seem to think of any other reason as to why Suzanna was made to wear that piece of cloth.

You know what the problem is? We are confusing formality with morality. JPJ should be focusing on improving its systems for greater service and convenience for the public, not acting as the moral police (and doing a horrible job at that).

Image Credit: Murai
Image Credit: Murai

4. Tourism and Culture Minister, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz recently found himself in hot soup (again) in yet another incident that makes us wonder if he really makes good use of simple common sense. He warned the Johor Crown Prince, HRH Brigadier General Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, to stay out of politics. Failing to do so will end up in the prince getting “whacked”.

I honestly don’t know whether to be angry at the minister for being so unbelievably rude, or feel sorry for him for not being blessed with a sufficient amount of intelligence. I do have one thing that I’d like to say to him: This is not the first time that you’ve said something so dense. Whatever your reasoning may be, there is a huge number of words from the English language that you could pick from; yet you chose such an offensive choice of phrase.

We the rakyat, are questioning your ability to get anything done right. Get out of the political scene, and hand over your position to someone who knows how to behave in a more appropriate manner.

Screenshot from Ahmad Maslan Twitter
Screenshot from Ahmad Maslan Twitter

5. Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan recently commented that the newly implemented GST “isn’t burdensome” to the rakyat, and that it is for a brighter economic future for the country. This is among a whole lot of other (nonsensical) things that he has said since the rolling out of the GST in April 2015.

Telling university students to cook at home to avoid being burdened by GST wasn’t exactly the smartest thing to say. Neither is accusing traders who did not lower prices appropriately after the GST replaced the Sales and Service Tax of being pro-opposition, and urging a boycott against them.

And, cooking fried rice and posting it on your Twitter account, claiming it to be “GST-free didn’t help matters as well. People want answers and explanations, not examples of how one can still live without being burdened by GST (if that is even remotely possible).

Image Credit: http://kl.coconuts.co
Image Credit: http://kl.coconuts.co

6. I honestly do not understand why the placement of a cross at a church in Taman Medan, PJ had caused such a furor among so many people a few months ago. It’s a church, for goodness’ sake. If you think that the placement of a little wooden red object in front of a building is going to “challenge your faith”, then my friend you are in desperate need to re-evaluate your so-called religious teachings.

I have many Muslim friends and as far as I know, Islam teaches its followers to respect other religions and beliefs, yet to remain strong in their faith. If it’s that easy for your faith to be shaken, then you clearly did not have any faith to begin with.

Image Credit: http://www.theguardian.com
Image Credit: http://www.theguardian.com

7. I’m sure many of you still remember the whole there’s-pork-in-Cadbury drama a year back. A huge number of Malay-Muslim groups claimed that a holy war needs to be waged against the confectionery giant because apparently the company was trying to “weaken” Muslims in Malaysia by having porcine in their chocolates.

They then proceeded to call for a nationwide boycott on all Cadbury products, without further proof or research. The problem here was that when further tests were carried out, there wasn’t a hint of porcine in the chocolates! People should realise that they are making themselves look absolutely moronic when they blindly believe in rumours and spread unconfirmed facts.

I understand that some of you enjoy doing this, but please bear in mind that you are not a child anymore to be engaging in such behaviour. Don’t share information that isn’t confirmed or proven true, because in the end the only one who’s going to look stupid is you.

Image Credit: Screenshot from Lowyat forum
Image Credit: Screenshot from Lowyat forum

8. Speaking of chocolates and porcine, I recently came across on yet another post on Facebook regarding this matter. This ignorant fool uploaded a few photos of the popular Toblerone chocolates that his mother had brought back from a recent trip to Langkawi Island.

He warned his “fellow Muslims out there” that they should be careful with their purchases because apparently the confectionary giant would have “definitely” used porcine in the production of their chocolates because the Toblerone logo had an image of a pig embedded in the image of the mountain.

Image Credit: Lowyat forum
Image Credit: Lowyat forum


This is beyond fathomable. This is what happens when one is ignorant and do not understand the danger of rumour-mongering and spreading facts that have no proof whatsoever. Are you trying to cause racial tension among the rakyat? Or perhaps you crave attention so much that you’ve been blinded to the point that you can’t see right from wrong?

[The Facebook post has since been deleted but this goes to show that you should think logically before posting anything silly on Facebook.]

This article is not intended to be biased or accusing in any way. I am not pointing fingers and expecting people to either forcefully admit, “Oh yeah, it’s my fault. So how am I going to be punished now?” or lament, “This has nothing to do with me! It’s the government’s fault!” I am also not bringing up issues of the past just for the sake of it.

It is merely pointing out facts so that people can see the direction society is heading towards: extremism to the point of foolishness. If we do not look at these issues that has happened previously and learn from it, similar incidents will keep happening again and again, and it will only get worse.

"We love Malaysia", Penang TAN MIN YEE, Selangor (richard)
“We love Malaysia”, Penang
TAN MIN YEE, Selangor (richard)

I’m trying to make you see that no matter what we do or say, moderation is the key. What has been happening lately is that we’re hell bent on finding faults and destroying each other in one way or another. All of us as Malaysians should be taking steps forward and building a future together as one community, supporting and having respect for one another.

Only then can we proudly admit the fact that we are one and have tolerance for one another—despite our differences.

This article was originally written and contributed by Ashley Greig. The views expressed in the contents do not necessarily reflect the views of Vulcan Post, but like her, we too hope for a better Malaysia to reflect on social media.

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