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Published 2013-12-12 09:20:38

According to technology blog Tech in Asia, one of the taxi operator in Indonesia, Express Group has just installed wi-fi in 400 of its taxis in Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi areas.

jakarta map

Only 400 of the Express Group taxis will have Wi-Fi installed. Here’s how the Express Group taxis look like and should not be confused with the other taxi operators in Indonesia:


These special cabs will have a Huawei wi-fi hotspot logo on the back of each vehicle.



According to Tech in Asia, the free wi-fi program is run jointly between Chinese phone-maker and telecoms hardware giant Huawei, IT product distributor Intertec, and local telco Telkomsel. This pilot program will last for six months and might be extended if the company gets good results out of it.

Express Group is also the second largest taxi fleet in Indonesia, commanding about 11 percent market share in the country.

The news is definitely a good one for travellers and those residing in Indonesia, as its capital city, Jakarta, is notorious for its traffic jams, and it’s just a waste of time getting stuck on the road as you head to your next destination. With the Wi Fi, commuters can be more productive when they are on the taxi.

jakarta traffic jam

And we can spend more time doing work on the go instead of ranting about the traffic jam in Jakarta.

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