A group of talented and inspirational Malaysians join forces for this video that will restore your faith in humanity.

Sarah Enxhi  |  MY
Published 2015-07-28 17:30:55

What can the rakyat of Malaysia do when there is a national crisis such as the Kelantan flood this year which washed away 1,827 homes? Complain about the government? Post negative or demotivating comments?

Well, not this group of Malaysians who joined forces to do what they could to help the victims of the Kelantan flood, as shown in this music video.

The music video, named Cerah Kembali, contains footage—which was filmed by Rusdi Ramli and his son, Efie Ridza—of the victims, their current living situation and damaged caused by the flood.

Also a charity effort called #FreeMarket was highlighted in the video, whereby volunteers can display items that are for “sale” and people of any race, age or gender who are in need can come and “buy” the items for free. Basically it is like a flea market, except that everything there is free, without any catch.


A noteworthy person that appears several times in the video is Syed Azmi, who is known for being extremely active in social work and charity drives. In fact, the lyrics of the music video was contributed by Syed Azmi himself.

He apologises for the cheesiness but personally, I find that the lyrics beautifully complements the soothing and inspirational melody of the song which was sung by a local artist.

According to Syed Azmi’s Facebook post, the artist of the song has requested to remain anonymous because he/she doesn’t want to take any credit and spotlight away from the message of the song/video and the efforts of FreeMarket

Check out the music video of Cerah Kembali below, and if you like it, share it with friends to remind them of how blessed we are to have what we have, and to show how we as the rakyat of Malaysia are able to do so much good, even if we are just normal individuals.

Instead of being a keyboard warrior, fighting against other Malaysians; how about fighting with our fellow Malaysians for the greater good?

Check out Syed Azmi’s full Facebook post on the video here. And find out more about FreeMarket here.

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