U Mobile is upping the ante by offering their users exactly what they want.

Sarah Enxhi  |  MY
Published 2015-07-24 14:21:01

Mr. Valentine from Kingsman knew the weakness of humans all too well—no one can resist a good deal and anything that is free—he also probably got some lessons from the Oprah meme.

U Mobile is taking a page out of Valentine’s book with their latest prepaid plan, POWER Prepaid Pack that was officially unveiled yesterday.

Image Credit: The Skop
Image Credit: The Skop

The new POWER Prepaid Pack offers free 1GB of high-speed internet every month for life. The catch is that the account must remain active with a minimum top up of RM10 for every 10 days or RM30 every month.

Image Credit: U Mobile Facebook page
Image Credit: U Mobile Facebook page

If you are an active Internet user and you exceed the 1GB limit before the 30 days are up, you won’t incur PPU (pay per use) charges and you will still receive free basic internet to keep surfing at a slower speed or you can top up more with the U Mobile’s UMI (unlimited mobile internet) plans.

Other than the free monthly 1GB high-speed internet, users of the POWER Prepaid Pack will also get free 450 minutes worth of talk time to other U Mobile users (maximum duration of 15 minutes daily), and a low call rate of 5 sen per 30 seconds to all other networks. SMS to all networks will cost 8 sen per SMS, although that might be redundant seeing as you will have enough Internet data to last all the Whatsapp, WeChat, or Viber messages you could possible need.

What’s next, U Mobile? World domination?
What’s next, U Mobile? World domination?

Starter Pack

The POWER Prepaid Pack’s starter pack costs RM8.50 and it comes with an RM5 worth of preload credit. Upon activation you will receive 200MB of high-speed internet, and 150 minutes of free calls to U Mobile numbers (maximum 15 minutes a day for 10 days). The 1GB of high-speed internet will be activated upon the first top up of minimum RM10.

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For current U Prepaid Plan or a New U Prepaid subscribers, you can upgrade to the POWER Prepaid Plan via UMB or SMS from August 1 for a fee of RM3. For new subscribers, you can purchase the pack and make the switch via the U Mobile website.

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