Looks like gov.sg is elevating their YouTube game.

Liang Hwei  |  Singapore
Published 2015-07-30 10:30:34

This article originally appeared on Vulcan Post

Just as you thought Gov.SG videos were all boring and unremarkable, they come up with the perfect music video that serves as awesome throwback thursday entertainment.

spider demon

The video in question is an amazing spoof of the Chinese legend of Journey To The West, starring the Monkey King and a Spider Demon. Together, they sing a Hokkien ditty that sounds like something your Chinese grandmother would sing at karaoke night — which is perfect, since the song is about the medical benefits the Pioneer Generation can receive from having a Pioneer card.

If you decide to watch the whole video, don’t be surprised if the song stays in your head for the rest of the day.

(Don’t worry, there are English translations in the description.)

sun wu kong
Check out the Monkey King’s snazzy Pioneer card.

Funnily enough, they’re also singing about being umbrellas — are they Rihanna fans?


umbrella ella ella

If that doesn’t get the attention of our grandparents, nothing will. Now how long before this gets into our karaoke machines?

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