This marks the beginning of a new phase of discovering the truth.

Sarah Enxhi  |  MY
Published 2015-08-06 02:19:43

Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak has issued a statement on Facebook at 1.56am today (6th of August 2015) that the aircraft debris found recently on Reunion, the French island in the Indian Ocean does indeed belong to missing flight MH370.

Image Credit: Najib Razak Twitter page
Image Credit: Najib Razak Twitter page

Flight MH370 disappeared 515 days ago on the 8th of March while travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. A part of an aircraft wing was found on the 29th of July and while there were certain speculations from experts, there was still no firm conclusion that the debris was from MH370—until just a few minutes ago.

PM Najib states in his Facebook post that an international team of experts have conclusively confirmed that the debris is from MH370. He also adds that he would like to assure all those affected by the tragedy that the Malaysian government is doing everything within their means to find out the full truth of what happened.

Although the affected families and friends of the victims might find some peace from knowing that they are one step closer to understanding the tragedy of MH370, complete closure will only come when they are finally provided the entire explanation.

If anything, this latest confirmation does not mark the end of the search, it marks the beginning of a new phase to search for the entire truth.

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