Elections coming/ why not stop arguing first/ and just read haikus?

Liang Hwei  |  Singapore
Published 2015-08-26 16:00:26

Politics is messy business, and with Polling Day happening on September 11, Singaporeans are filled with opinions, thoughts and complaints that they need to express, sometimes in an artistic fashion.

Bringing together art and Singaporeans’ thoughts about the general elections, Haiku Party is a Facebook page where poetry meets Singapore politics — and it’s beautiful. In fact, Haiku Party may be the party that we should vote into Parliament.

Here are the top reasons why you should vote for Haiku Party.

First things first, they are realists.


They’re also unpretentious.


They don’t shy away from social taboos.


They represent the real interests of Singaporeans.


They’re well-versed with Singapore’s political tactics.


They’ve got the best comebacks to use in political debates.


And best of all, they listen to the voices of voters (as in they take in Haiku submissions and turn them into gorgeous images).


With everyone getting hyped up from the electrifying atmosphere that the general elections brings, maybe all Singaporeans really need is some zen. So keep your debates to 17 syllables or less, and have your voice heard by Haiku Party.

A vote for them is a vote for artistically-crafted Singlish.

All images are credited to Haiku Party. For more haikus, follow Haiku Party on Facebook.


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