He really doesn't like Railway Tycoon. I wonder why.

Delfina Utomo  |  Singapore
Published 2015-09-04 14:00:24

Lui Tuck Yew, the artiste formerly known as the great attaché of our transportation system may have made his exit from the chest-beating and fist-pumping world of politics but he’s certainly not wilting away. Out — but not down, this gung-ho fella has been making his rounds and receiving as much photo ops as he received backlash from his time in politics. He’s also began his foray into blogging. Kinda.

The Tuck Yew Diaries is a parody-comedy series under socio-political blog Thoughts Of Real Singaporeans which charts the daily activities of former Minister of Transport and Second Minister for Defence Lui Tuck Yew. He’s been making a lot more public appearances in the election season, garnering admiration (for still sticking around showing support for PAP), confusion (why is he still making appearance, he quit already what), and amusement (cute ah this guy).

Lately we’ve seen him around districts helping the campaign team put party material up, at rallies making up the numbers and showing support for the dear leader. But what we don’t know is how does it really feel about it? Does he like all the media attention he is getting? What are some random thoughts he has?

Image Credit: Thoughts Of Real Singaporeans
Image Credit: Thoughts Of Real Singaporeans

Which is why you should read the blog. Peppered with fleeting emotions and at times absurd thoughts, it’s the best documentation of his election experience even if he is technically not even in politics anymore. We recommend that the posts be read aloud; we must say that the words complement the picture with utmost precision.

Image Credit: Thoughts Of Real Singaporeans
Image Credit: Thoughts Of Real Singaporeans

He’s only ‘written’ three posts of date, but oh, such genius posts they are. Who says you need to have sponsored outfits and a habit of cafe-hopping to write a legit blog? Just look at how many tucks this dude gives. (A lot actually — simulator game Railway Tycoon is his least favourite game, because obviously)

Definitely an enjoyable side of election reading material — we can only hope there will be more!

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