We Test Singaporean Celebrities’ Bacon Number; This Is What Happened

For the uninitiated, there’s a theory called the six degrees of separation, which claims that everyone is six steps or less away from everyone else, by way of introduction. This is partly because of how technology is shrinking the world, bringing people from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures together.

The Internet, namely Google, has adapted this and created something called the Bacon Number, which is based around Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon. It manages to show that any actor in the world is only six or less degrees of separation away from Bacon himself. All you have to do is Google for it, like “Chin Han Bacon Number”, and the result will appear!

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to test this on Singaporean actors; and the theory stands. Here’s what we found.

The Singaporean Verdict

The Hollywood Boss

Image Credit: PopTower
Image Credit: PopTower

First, we start with a Singaporean who actually acts in Hollywood — Chin Han. Not surprisingly, his Bacon number is just 2.bacon number 8

Phua Chu Kang

Image Credit: Toggle
Image Credit: Toggle

Next, we try to go a bit more local with our favourite construction worker Phua Chu Kang, or Gurmit Singh. Surprisingly, he’s linked to Kevin Bacon through Edmund Chen, who branched out into Hollywood with the horrible movie The Legend of Chun-Li. Ah well, we’ll take what we can get.

bacon number 5



Then we bring it even closer to home, and try the un-un-un-unbelievable man himself, Chen Tian Wen. Thank goodness for Singapore-based Chinese actor Qi Yuwu and his movie success!

bacon number 4

Queen Zoe

Who would have though that even Zoe Tay would have a Bacon number?

bacon number 13

Apparently, Zoe Tay had a lead in a movie called Mister John in 2013, with none other than Aidan Gillen, also known as Littlefinger from Game of Thrones.

Let’s just take a moment to process this moment right here:

zoe tay aiden gillen

Because Jackie Chan

bacon number 10

Anyone remembers when Fann Wong had a supporting role in Shanghai Knights? Now, Singaporeans are trying to figure out if she’s pregnant or not.

Image Credit: Cineplex
Image Credit: Cineplex

Wait, Nicholas Cage?

bacon number 2

While we began focusing on Hossan Leong, we noticed that Lim Kay Tong had acted in a movie called It Could Happen To You, which turned out to be a romantic comedy starring none other than Nicholas Cage. Strange to think that the man who recently played Lee Kuan Yew in 1965 played a Korean shopkeeper so many years back.


Oops, wrong Christopher Leebacon number 9

Our bad, wrong Christopher Lee. RIP Saruman.


VR Man

bacon number 1

Looks like VR Man isn’t just a Singaporean superhero.

Image Credit: VR Man

And the biggest star of all:

bacon number 11

Who would have thought?


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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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