Here's some inside info on what goes on during an audition for Asia's Next Top Model, from a Cycle 1 contestant!

Janna H.  |  Singapore
Published 2015-09-21 13:34:42

With Asia’s Next Top Model back in town, the search for the next potential model for cycle 4 is on. Imaginably, there are hundreds of young women working their hardest to prepare for the audition- writing speeches, getting photos together, and taking on even more rigorous work out regimes. The rush of getting ready for such an audition calls for determination and willpower, as well as a lot of discipline. There are several steps potential models can take to prepare themselves.

Our very Malaysian contestant, Melissa Th’ng from AsNTM Cycle 1 has shared a few important tips on her Facebook page about what she thinks every contestant should know for the audition.

Image Credit: Melissa Th'ng Facebook Page
Image Credit: Melissa Th’ng Facebook Page

According to Melissa, for every cycle, the casting will be different, and these tips are not guaranteed to be perfect. However, she enthusiastically shares what she personally gained from AsNTM Cycle 1 so aspiring models can all appreciate her for offering her best advice regardless.

So here’s what you need to know before auditioning for the 4th cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model.

Be Confident And Honest When You Talk About Yourself

Image Credit: i.huffpost.com
Image Credit: i.huffpost.com

According to Melissa, the first stage is to talk about yourself in detail. She hinted that you may have to write an essay describing yourself as much as you can. Like she said, it is important to be as honest and open about yourself as you can when you talk about your background, your life experiences, your preferences and other things you could discuss to help people to get to know you more. Being open and honest about yourself helps to inspire trust, and earning others’ trust is critical in winning their hearts too.

Honesty also shows others that you are willing to put yourself out there and let people decide for themselves their opinion of you. It is important to be confident when you talk about yourself. Confidence shows that you know yourself well, and that you are not afraid to show others who you are and what you’re about. A confident and honest contestant is likely to attract more attention than those who are shy or dodgy.

Get Ready To Be Tested

Image Credit: morethanateacher.com
Image Credit: morethanateacher.com

The next step is a psychological evaluation. Melissa described a psychology test consisting of about 500 questions that contestants will have to take. Mostly, your answers will revolve around how you would react to certain situations. The example she used is what you might do if somebody made you angry—whether you’d try to fight them, confront them or choose a more passive option and let it go.

Following this, an oral evaluation will be administered by a psychologist, where you will have to sit with and talk to a doctor. This portion of the evaluation is simply a way to gauge contestants’ mental health, according to Melissa.

The Producers Know It All—Be Yourself

Image Credit: millennialceo.com
Image Credit: millennialceo.com

Again, it’s important be yourself. According to Melisa, the producers have seen and met many contestants before, and they have seen all sorts of behaviour and characteristics in people. So they can tell if you are a naturally funny person or trying to be one, and they can tell if you are being true to yourself or trying to be somebody else to improve your image. In addition, it is also important to be yourself because it shows that you acknowledge where your roots come from.

You display humility by being yourself, which is vital in a competition like this. On top of that, when you are being yourself, you’ll find that many people appreciate somebody who stays true to themselves while trying to get ahead, which is a characteristic that will make any contestant stand out above others when facing the judges.

Come For The Audition Prepared

Image Credit: i2.liverpoolecho.co.uk
Image Credit: i2.liverpoolecho.co.uk

Auditions like this put tremendous pressure on contestants because it is as important to them as any other job interview and so it’s crucial to be prepared. You will need to prepare an appropriate portfolio and dress accordingly. The same etiquette goes for this audition. Be confident and professional. Make sure that you have a headshot and full body shot photograph in your portfolio so you can present yourself clearly.

Have your body measurements written down beforehand; you will need to have them in your portfolio as well. Melissa also stated that it is important to prepare a video of yourself doing a catwalk. In a competition like this, when trying to become a model, it’s a good idea to practice how to do a catwalk properly. By recording yourself, you can see your strengths and weaknesses and improve your presentation accordingly.

Get Ready To Live Like The Kardashians

Image Credit: i.ytimg.com
Image Credit: i.ytimg.com

When you are on the show, be prepared with cameras following you 24/7, invading your privacy most of the time. This means that your “alone time” will be little-to-none. Even when you need some, you have to consider the cameraman’s presence and so you end up being unable to express all of your feelings which can drive you to be even more emotional.

Thus, all the crying, shouting and fighting in the show will  seem all the more real. So, if you are ready to live like the Kardashians, then you might be ready to face this challenge. If not though, be mentally and emotionally prepared for this drastic change of lifestyle.

No Phones, No Texting, No Contact With Your Loved Ones

Image Credit: imgflip.com
Image Credit: imgflip.com

During the shooting of the show, there’ll be a period of time when you’ll be isolated from everybody with no contact for several months. This is during the production time and you might not even be allowed to leave while the show is still being recorded. The reason for this is likely that the producers don’t want information divulged about which contestants are already eliminated.

You will also need to be prepared mentally because your mobile devices will be kept away. This means no texting or calling your close ones. You can’t talk to your family, friends, or lovers at all. Melissa added that you will also need to sign a confidential agreement, and it’s important for you to keep in accordance to it.

As per the agreement, you are prohibited from sharing any information regarding whatever is happening throughout the show. Failure to abide by this agreement will imaginably result in ramifications.

And that’s it ladies. Wanna be on top? Then you should attend the open casting events, which will be held in three different countries as follows:

Jakarta – September 20
Manila – September 26
Bangkok – October 3

Or you can check out the website for more information. And watch Melissa Th’ng’s full video here for her tips!

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