The Business Executive Manager (Beverages) of Nestlé is using e-commerce to their advantage. Here's how.

Anna Lee  |  MY
Published 2015-10-01 10:15:01

The way consumers purchase products has evolved and no longer do users need to touch and feel a product before clicking the ‘add to cart’ button. This is made possible due to the fact that there is a sense of built trust between the purchaser and seller. For instance, if one chooses to purchase online and receives goods in an instant, and in perfect condition, then surely they would opt to patron that site again in the future.

Self-Enablement Via E-Commerce

Image Credit: https://nativemerchantservices.com
Image Credit: https://nativemerchantservices.com

Sherif Hani, the Business Executive Manager (Beverages) at Nestlé understands this trend all too well. In the recent launch of the collaboration between Nestlé and 11street, one of the largest e-malls in Malaysia, he said that online channels are allowing brands to inform consumers on their new deals and how to best enjoy them.

He added, “It is this kind of self-enablement that turns consumers into fans, that would be much harder to convey in brick-and-mortar stores than via e-commerce.” This conversion allows a consumer to grow a sense of loyalty and connection with a brand that would otherwise be restricted to its four walls.

11street, the company which originated from Korea, has been around in Malaysia since April 2015, and it is an open online marketplace operated by Celcom Planet Sdn. Bhd. The website allows one to shop from their range of products which are priced competitively, so consumers can score discounts and deals without even having to leave their own room.

Image Credit: Linkup Marketing
Image Credit: Linkup Marketing

The advantage of 11street, especially for entrepreneurs, is that the e-commerce site allows users to have an online platform for their business, and it all starts with the simple step of signing up to become a seller.

The added benefit for brands like Nestlé that already have a place in brick-and-mortar stores is that users know for certain what to expect when they decide to buy online.

Hence, now the role of e-commerce is not only to promote online brands, but also established brands, which may not have had a place in the online world before—which makes Nestlé’s move to form a partnership with 11street a smart one.

Image Credit: 11Street Malaysia
Image Credit: 11Street Malaysia

Timing is everything, and Nestlé’s partnership with 11Street was well-timed in conjunction with the nationwide government-led sale, #MyCyberSale which runs from September 28 until October 2. #MyCyberSale is also another tool which brands can use to promote their products via e-commerce platforms.

With everything they are looking for, being housed under one site, consumers are able to leverage on the fact that they have convenience on their side and all they have to do is scroll endlessly through deals.

Established brands which are more based on the brick-and-mortar concept, like Nestlé can then jump on the #MyCyberSale bandwagon and market their products to their e-savvy consumers because who would not be attracted by the words, ‘sale’ and ‘discount’?

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