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We take hundreds of photos every month. Moments captured perfectly help us preserve our memories.

Here’s the problem: how many of us actually look back at the thousands of photos we took the past few years?  What if there’s a simple website that sends you a random photo you took every week?

Singapore based Bryan Lee Tuck Sing decided to build that website, Marcus App.

marcus app

The idea of Marcus App came to Bryan when one of his old friends sent him an old photo from 2005.

It was a group photo of us with another 5 friends. Later on, I decided to share the photo on facebook and tags all the old friends in the photo. Conversation started and a dinner was arranged. It was great to meet up with old friends. So I thought, wouldn’t it be great to have a photo service that send you an old photo each week, maybe I would find something interesting.

Bryan then built the Marcus App website and launch it for public use in 5 days.

Surely enough, the app is simple to use, just sign up, allow Marcus App to access your Instagram account, and you are done. Every Monday, you will receive a random photo from your Instagram sent to your designated email address.

marcus app
Enter your email you want to receive your photos and you are done

How the name came about

If you are wondering how the name came about, Bryan told us that the website is named after one of his good friend Marcus.

“A few weeks ago, I caught a movie with Marcus and the Evernote team in Singapore. He took a photo of me and my girlfriend. We loved it. And to our surprise he even printed out a copy for us as Xmas’s present. So I thought what would be cooler than an app named after the person for Xmas’s gift. Marcus is an awesome dude. He takes great photos. Both of us were hot-desking over plugin@blk71. He is also the co-founder of Carousell,” Bryan told Vulcan Post.

boss lee
Photo of Bryan and his wife

From a non programmer to a programmer

Having launched a workable website for the public to use is not a small feat for Bryan, who did not have any programming background. Bryan is among the many non technical learner whom jumped on to the “learning to code” bandwagon which is getting more and more popular recently.

For Bryan, it wasn’t just about doing what is popular, but rather, because he wanted to create websites and mobile apps which he could use.

Since he started learning to code, he built a birthday iOS app for his wife (then girlfriend), and went on to bikeshop go where, an app to help you find the nearest bike shops locally if you have a breakdown. He also had his friends in the local Singapore startup community guide him throughout his learning journey. 

bikeshop go where

The launch of Marcus App is just a small part of Bryan’s programming journey. Other than learning to code in his free time, Bryan is the cofounder of Intraix, which deals with energy data for both residential and commercial entities. In the weekend too, he is cohosting a weekly podcast which covers the tech scene, called LaunchByte. Bryan also blogs regularly.

Overachiever? You can be too! If you are looking to pick up coding, or looking for someone to connect with, you can definitely get in touch with Bryan.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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