Jean Khoo  |  Singapore
Published 2015-10-19 15:24:48

Uber has become quite the lifesaver in the transportation scene, not only because their services are generally cheaper compared to regular taxi fares in Malaysia, their cars are also more comfortable.

The ride-sharing service was founded in 2009 in the United States and the service has been available in Malaysia for quite a while now. Despite the hoo-ha with SPAD, many people still strongly support their services.

Introducing UberXL

Uber Malaysia just announced that they have launching a new service called UberXL. This means you can now request a ride with a capacity that can fit up to 6 or more passengers.UberXL_Party

This is certainly good news for people with large families, working professionals who would like to travel in a group during lunch time, or big group of friends who are going for a night out.

No longer would you need to call for 2 UberX cars, plus according to its official statement, requesting one UberXL is much cheaper than the former option.


To request for UberXL, just slide to the vehicle type you prefer at the bottom of Uber app. uberxl1

An Uber representative told Vulcan Post that the cars that will be providing the UberXL service are the Toyota Avanza, Proton Exora, and Toyota Wish. Also, for now, this service is only available within Klang Valley.

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