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When one ventures out to form their own startup, they would figure out what they would like the company to be and what services it would eventually provide. There are a plethora of mechanisms to figure out when starting out something from scratch, and this will in turn lead to the little things being put on the back burner.

However, one thing that should never ever be left on the back burner, is a startup’s name because that is essentially the first (and sometimes, only) impression that one gets about the startup.

We asked a bunch of Malaysian varsity students their thoughts on these startups based on the name alone. It is just a fun experiment to see how much a name can impact these students’ impressions of a company that they have no idea about.

1. Splory

MC: Sounds like an app to help you explore new places.

Priscilla: Flower company.

Edward: Outdoor equipment shop.

Sarah: Accessory shop for outdoor adventure.

Vincent: App/domain to meet new friends.

Faris: Game company.

What it actually is:

Image Credit: Splory.my

An app that allows and facilitates in your meetup plans with your friends.

2. Gaption

MC: Something to help you caption your photo?

Priscilla: Flower company.

Edward: GAP-NATION OH YEAH clothings!

Sarah: Camera /pictures related business?

Vincent: Photography tutorials.

Faris: Security software.

What it actually is:

Image Credit: Gaption.com
Image Credit: Gaption.com

Gaption is a social media platform that pays its users for doing what they are passionate in.

3. Sparka

MC: Dating app.

Priscilla: Design services.

Edward: Shoe shop.

Sarah: Sports/outdoor winter wear.

Vincent: Fireworks/firecracker service.

Faris: A company that provides lighting services or sell shoes.

What it actually is:

Image Credit: Sparka.co
Image Credit: Sparka.co

Sparka is an app that lets you have a chance to mingle with friends within your own six degrees of social circle, and is essentially a way to meet people through your own friends list.

4. Bash

MC: Surprise party app.

Priscilla: Clothing (I know this).

Edward: Shoe shop.

Sarah: A F&B outlet that’s a steakhouse.

Vincent: Fighting/gym equipment.

Faris: A planner for birthdays and parties.

What it actually is:

Image Credit: Bash.my
Image Credit: Bash.my

The Bash app is useful for sports enthusiasts as it enables them to find, join and organise sports activities within their area.

5. Sticki

MC: Note-taking app.

Priscilla: Sweets.

Edward: Confectionery.

Sarah: A store that sells handmade sweets.

Vincent: App for sticky notes.

Faris: Sticker/stationary company.

What it actually is:

Image Credit: Sticki.me
Image Credit: Sticki.me

Sticki is an animated drawing app where users communicate with one another by drawings, instead of words.

6. Doobie

MC: Laundry related app.

Priscilla: Doodle services.

Edward: Laundromat, or a socks shop cause “DOBBIE YOU ARE FREE”?

Sarah: Craft shop.

Vincent: T-shirt printing service.

Faris: For pet food/grooming service “thingy”.

What it actually is:

Image Credit: GetDoobie.com
Image Credit: GetDoobie.com

Doobie is an app that lets you customise your own T-shirt designs.

7. ChopChop

MC: Western food? Or hairstyling app.

Priscilla: Food services.

Edward: F&B.

Sarah: Watch shop?

Vincent: Barber/hair salon.

Faris: Shop that sells stationary or mini plants like those plants in a mini glass tank/container.

What it actually is:

Image Credit: Chop Chop Google Play Store

ChopChop is an app that allows users to digitalise all their loyalty cards, vouchers and prepaid cards so that it can all be found within the app itself.

8. PurelyB

MC: Gossip app.

Priscilla: Healthy food advice (I know this).

Edward: Fashion.

Sarah: Dessert shop.

Vincent: Beyoncé’s new clothing line.

Faris: Desserts or beauty products.

What it actually is:

Image Credit: PurelyB.com
Image Credit: PurelyB.com

PurelyB is a site that encourages a healthy lifestyle by providing a guide to healthy places to eat, meal plans, recipes and more.


University students may not be the experts in knowing what startups are and it was interesting to note that they could easily confuse startups with any other SME—hence some of the amusing replies. What’s more, the varsity students were given just a name to decipher what the company may actually be, and that wasn’t an easy task for someone who is not familiar with the startup scene in Malaysia.

For startups, while it may not be the easiest of things to come up with a catchy name for their company, it is always important to put importance on originality, because it helps if the company is not associated with other well-known giants of the same name.

For instance, the startup “Sticki”, which is actually an animated drawing app, is an interesting concept especially for the millennials these days who want to communicate quickly to others whilst also showcasing their personality at the same time.

However, the name of this startup is too similar to a candy artisan store which sells hard sweets. As such, it can be quite confusing to those who have not heard of the app before.

Certainly the function of an app/business is the paramount thing to put into consideration, however a startup founder should never underestimate how a catchy name can stick to a user’s mind – because isn’t that just as important as well?

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