Shots of an entrepreneur's work desk are common on social media and these are the key elements you need to get it right.

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Published 2015-10-22 11:41:56

Entrepreneurs are likely the most hardworking of people, as all their effort will result in the booming and growing of their own company. As such, depending on what sector they are working in, they probably have a desk in which they work at. Desk photos are aplenty on social media and most of the times they are really unrealistic, because who even works with things arranged in such odd positions?

For instance, if a highlighter is arranged in such an orderly manner, it would be almost as if it had been untouched at all. It really isn’t hard at all to recreate these ultra glamorous desk photos—all one needs after all, is the skill of arranging. Here’s a rough how-to guide on creating your very own entrepreneur desk space for that perfect picture.

1. Keep your laptop open.

Image Credit: Lifehack.org

First up, what better way to showcase that you are busy at work, be it replying emails or Google-ing up the latest information about certain stats and datas. Have your laptop open at all times to prove how hardworking you are, but you don’t necessarily have to get the whole laptop in the picture. Even a glimpse of the side of the laptop would do because they already get the big picture that you’re working.

2. Decorate your desk with tiny thingamabobs.

Image Credit: Tick Talk Two

These desk ornaments show off the entrepreneur’s personality, be it leaning towards the silly side, or simply purposeful ornaments that serves its reason. One is never enough, so feel free to stock up on more in order to decorate a boring old desk and to give it a little more “oomph”. They also make great distractions to look at when you’re dead stuck on a business idea.

3. A pair of spectacles makes a great prop. 

Image Credit: Sviuh.com
Image Credit: Sviuh.com

Spectacles are meant to be worn, but somehow they end up right on your desk, neatly folded but not in use. The pair of spectacles adds a touch of sophisticated intelligence to the shot, something that would definitely be essential to point out that you are a smart entrepreneur. Even if you have perfect 20/20 vision, its okay, just leave a spare pair of cosmetic glasses on your desk because it instantly adds a smart feel to it.

4. Stationery is key to nail the shot.

Image Credit: CreativeMarket.com
Image Credit: CreativeMarket.com

We hardly ever have a chance to write with pencils anymore, much less utilising erasers as well. However, these stationeries almost always end up in desk photos. And most of the time, they are arranged neatly in parallel with one another. One thing seems to be missing from the shot though—has anyone forgotten a sharpener as well, just in case the pencil goes blunt?

5. Nobody uses a physical calculator, but hey why not?

Image Credit: Creative Market
Image Credit: Creative Market

Old-school calculators seem to be desk staples…back in the 80s. With technology today, calculators are implemented in all mobile phones, so physical ones are starting to become obsolete and are definitely used lesser these days. However, it’s great that entrepreneurs are bringing it back! The more classic, the better.

6. Potted plants makes you look environmentally friendly.

Image Credit: VictoryCoaches.com

Why not showcase a little environmental-friendliness while you’re at it, because having sharp potted plants in such close proximity to your working space is totally not dangerous at all. Plus, you’ll look like you have a green thumb. One is not enough, so stock up on the cacti and plant them all over your desk. They’re great for keeping pesky co-workers away too.

7. A cup of java is both useful and photogenic.

Image Credit: Pixabay.com
Image Credit: Pixabay.com

A little java is always good, because it keeps the entrepreneur wide awake to burn whatever midnight oil they may have to while working. Latte art is not necessary but hey if you’ve got a great one to show off, then go for it. Even if you are not a coffee drinker, just go ahead and include it in the picture anyway because it looks a lot more fancier than tea.

8. Fruits are good for you—and the picture.

Image Credit: RebeccaJacobs.com
Image Credit: RebeccaJacobs.com

An entrepreneur should keep their health in tip top condition so they can continue to work some more. Citrus fruits are great for the body but also great in pictures because they instantly brighten up the shot. Depending on how photogenic the fruit is, you can opt to slice them or leave them as it is, for the picture.

9. Desk lights brighten up every photo.

Image Credit: Lightology.com

If it is not bright enough in the office or on nights when you find yourself burning the midnight oil, desk lights are useful and it also puts the spotlight on you and your multitude of work. Try to leave the light’s wires unseen in the picture so you can have a clean and mess-free shot.

10. Stick these colourful notes everywhere!

Image Credit: LifeAsAWave.net
Image Credit: LifeAsAWave.net

Lastly, plant the sticky notes all around your desk to remind yourself of all the meetings that you will have to attend in the week, and they are great for sudden bursts of inspiration too. It doesn’t matter if you have nothing legit to write on it, it’s not as if the words can be read clearly in the picture. Don’t get them in one standard colour because it defeats the whole “brighten-up-the-picture” purpose. Go crazy and get them in every shade you can lay your hands on, and you would have perfected the entrepreneur desk shot.  Good luck!

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