Liang Hwei  |  Singapore
Published 2015-10-22 15:40:38

Yesterday was Back To The Future Day, a very specific holiday thanks to the wildly popular movie series Back To The Future. For the uninitiated, Back To The Future 2 featured their main characters travelling forward in time to the exact date of 21st Oct 2015, a future depicted with holograms and hoverboards that  for some time seemed distant and unobtainable.

Now that the day has finally arrived, it seems that a DeLorean — the time machine built into a car used in the movie franchise — has appeared here in Singapore. In Woodlands, to be exact.

This photograph, created by Facebook page The Art of Mezame, was shared just yesterday night, and has since garnered 106 shares in less than a day. Set in a familiar backdrop with dimly-lit HDB flats, the DeLorean looks strange and out of place.


But before you get too excited about looking for Marty Mcfly, the photograph also comes with a description explaining that the car was in fact a toy version, created at 1/15th scale. A separate Facebook post showed the behind-the-scenes action, where the toy was originally placed on a table, and later removed with just a little Photoshop. If you look at it, it actually does look like a very simple process.

Nonetheless, there’s nothing like a little bit of future to help Singapore celebrate Back To The Future day with the rest of the world. Maybe the committee behind Smart Nation can get us some hoverboards?

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