[Updated] Here Are 14 Healthy Food Delivery Services Available In Klang Valley

Due to the hectic pace of today’s lifestyle, preparing a clean and healthy meal can be a chore for working professionals and university students, because they are always on the rush throughout the day from the moment they get up from their bed.

Therefore, they always go for the fastest solution which is to forego eating clean and resort to either fast food chains, road-side stalls, or have food delivered from a restaurant (which can be rather pricey).

Luckily, these 14 healthy food delivery startups have our backs. They have meticulously planned meals which are nutritious and tasty. At the same time, their meals are affordable too.

1. Dah Makan


Founded in December 2014, Dah Makan delivers health gourmet lunchboxes in KL for hardworking office-goers, gym bunnies and instagramming foodies. During our interview with Dah Makan, the team shared that they have around thousands of orders per month. Besides that, the team guarantees 100% satisfaction or they will throw in a ukulele for free.  To place an order, head on to their website to check out their menu.

Facebook |  Instagram

Contact Details: 018 201 5592 Siri

2. Yumcious


Yumcious is not your ordinary food delivery service. They are a platform for homemade meals which gathers home chefs, foodies, and food couriers together. Any interested home chefs can register on Yumcious, to sell his or her meals. Then foodies can register on the platform get homemade meals sent to them by registered transporters. If you are a fan of home-cooked food, you can head on to Yumcious to check out their food selections from the various talented home chefs.

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Contact Details: yourfriends@yumcious.com

3. Eat Seize


Eat, Compete, Succeed; this is Eat Seize’s mantra and they are targeting the health conscious and fitness enthusiasts. Look no further if you are searching for a healthy food delivery startup which delivers proven halal lunchboxes because the team only source from halal suppliers. The meals from EatSeize range from RM13-RM18 depending on the dish.

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Contact Details: 016 221 7144 Iskandar

4. Healthy Ever After


Unlike most healthy delivery startups, Healthy Ever After provides detox-eating delivery services for you to detox your body. Therefore their meals are fully organic, meat-free with no preservatives as well as zero artificial sugars and genetically-modified ingredients. They cater meal plans for 1, 3, or 5 days, comprising of raw and vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are not looking for a detox, you can opt for their guilt-free desserts such as Chia Coconut Porridge and Amazing Parfait.

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Contact Details: 019 600 8998

5. Chopstick Diner


Chopstick Diner was originally a recipe website. Later on the founder decided to transform the site into a healthy food delivery service. Their menu is quite limited and mostly filled with greens but trust me, they certainly how to make vegetable-heavy dishes looks appealing and appetising. The price of their meals start from RM16 and the delivery is free if you order RM50 and above.

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Contact Details: 013 6303886

6. CleanBites


CleanBites’ food can be differentiated to three levels and each level gets progressively healthier. This is because they are focusing on gradually refining Malaysians’ food palette and changing their perceptions of healthy food. Therefore, with every level you learn to lean more towards making healthier choices, with Level 1 being something that is closest to what we are used to and Level 3 being the healthiest and tastes the most foreign. For instance, Level 1 probably consists of white rice whereas Level 3 consists of brown rice. The team also practices these beliefs—Clean food, Whole food, Avoiding the 5 whites, Sustainable, Local produce (to reduce cost) and Proper Research With Citations.

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Contact Details: 013 6303886

7. The Rebellious Chickpea


At RM16 per meal, you will be able to enjoy healthy and delicious food cooked with love by the lovely ladies from The Rebellious Chickpea. In order to keep their customers excited, they started the Surprise Me Wednesday concept, whereby every Wednesday they serve a surprise meal, which often have their customers feeling excited with anticipation.

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Contact Details: 012 6953 803

8. Epic Fit Meals Co


Epic Fit Meals Co is the first healthy meal delivery service to offer on demand delivery in 30-45 minutes, and if they are late, you get a free pizza.

Describing themselves as fast and real food, the team from Epic Fit Meals Co produce their ingredients from scratch including their condiments, sauce, and salad dressing. With their slogan, ‘made by day, gone by night’, Epic Fit Meals Co does not reuse leftover ingredients.

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Contact Details: 03 7733 3375

9. Kafe Noir KL


Kafe Noir prepares only one option for their customers which differs every single week. Their food are attention-grabbing because the menu is creative and unique. They able to cook a delicious meal by combining two different food categories to become one healthy meal. For instance, previously they have served Quinoa Nasi Ayam, Nasi Lemak Quinoa With Oven Roasted Ayam Percik, and Thai Spicy Peanut Chicken Tortilla.

Facebook |  Instagram

Contact Details: 03 7733 3375

10. EatCleanKL


As its name suggests, EatCleanKL lives by the philosophy of clean eating. They offer and deliver wholesome food with no sugar, no saturated fat, no MSG, olive oil and minimal salt. Operating from Monday to Friday, 11am to 2pm. Besides that they change their menu on a weekly basis to provide a variety of dishes which are Japanese, Thai and Greek inspired.

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Contact Details: 013 257 6988

11. BigC Healthy Food


“Eat the best, leave the rest”, this is the philosophy of BigC. Delivers from Monday to Friday, BigC is a healthy-meal service that operates in Central KL. They name their meals as fitfood because they are freshly cooked daily and are healthy. BigC usually informs users of their menu for the week upfront. Weekly packages are also available if you decide to let them cater to you for 5 days in a row.


Contact Details: 014 731 2541 Cyrus

12. Huios 


The idea behind Huios was sparked from the fitness market in Malaysia. The founders found that there was a shortage of supply for the right food services. Hence Huios was created to educate people to choose the right food based on their goal. They not only provide low calorie healthy food, they also have high calorie food that cater to those who want to bulk up and gain weight.

Facebook | Instagram

Contact Details: 018 368 5582

13. The Naked Lunchbox


If you are a vegetarian, you can opt for The Naked Lunchbox. They offers a variety of vegan, paleo and raw meals, basically food that are clean and simple which won’t make you feel bloated. Their menu is quite limited, but they changes it on a monthly basis so you won’t get bored of their meals.

Facebook | Instagram

Contact Details: eat@thenakedlunchbox.co

14. DISH by ili


DISH by ili provides wholesome meals in a tiffin carrier that are delivered right to your doorstep every Tuesday and Thursdays only. The menu is as diverse as the founder’s heritage—Malay-In­dian, Chinese-British family background—such as Grilled Thai Style Green Salmon, Palak Paneer, Ayam Masak Kicap and so on. Unlike other lunchboxes, DISH offers a 4-course meal that caters to roughly 2-4 adults per order.

Facebook | Instagram

Contact Details: 017 300 5066

15. Foodmatters


Foodmatters is spearheaded by Alexandra Prabaharan, a certified nutritionist with the American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA). Foodmatters aims to banish the negativity surrounding the concept of healthy eating by making their food accessible, affordable, and delicious. They use fresh herbs, spices, and nourishing ingredients to ensure that their dishes are tasty and rich in nutrients. Each of their meals are also labelled with the calorie count and nutritional information so you know what is going into your body. Currently they do not do one-off deliveries, unless it’s a catering order, but they do provide several subscription plans which are based on a minimum of 4 meals a month (the more meals you order per month, the lower the price for each meal).


Contact Details: cust@foodmatters.my

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