It was not something she could voluntarily control, and yet the haters kept bashing.

Anna Lee  |  MY
Published 2015-11-06 16:04:06

If you are one for tuning into the radio during your commute to or from work, chances are you would have probably heard the lovely, raspy voice belonging to Hani Hatim, through the speakers. Hani, otherwise affectionately known by Malaysians as Hunny Madu, now focuses on TV hosting, songwriting and rapping, as disclosed on her social media account.

Recently, the budding songstress uploaded a cover of the wildly popular hit by Drake, known as ‘Hotline Bling’. She released several parts of the same song including the verse and the chorus, all of which received some hateful comments about her voice as well as the fact that her eye was twitching when she sung her cover.

Image Credit: Hunny Madu Facebook page

In defense of something that she cannot voluntarily control, Hunny posted a comment which garnered more than a hundred likes, saying that she had met with an accident when she was younger which has left her with an eye twitch whenever she is ‘feeling’ a song.

Not only that, Hunny also personally replied to some haters, in good nature, wishing them well but also adding a sassy flair to her comment. “Thanks for the tip and have a good day. Hopefully when u roll your eyes back it will look 10 times better than mine. *flips hair,” Hunny wrote.

Image Credit: Hunny Madu Instagram page
Image Credit: Hunny Madu Instagram page

Following that, Hunny proceeded to upload another longer version of her cover. The 1 minute 45 second long video was captioned with, “Based on some of your comments on my 15 second cover; Possessed eyes? Having a seizure? Hahaha. Whatever. I call it eye swag. Here’s the not so full cover of #hotlinebling by me. #flipshair#mukatebalhatikental.” 

Despite the hate comments she received, some of her fans backed her up, with one saying, “I honestly don’t see why anyone should care about how you look or what you do when you sing. You posted this video to show people you can sing and to give enjoyment to those who like your singing. That flaw doesn’t matter. I went through a couple of your pictures and you are gorgeous! And you sing so well. So keep up the good work!”

Image Credit: GQ.com

Hunny is certainly sending the good Friday vibes with her positivity and it definitely helps that the most important thing was that she enjoyed herself with her cover, because at the end of the day, that is all that really matters.

Watch her short cover of the song here:

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